Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Concubine’s Familiar

The Concubine
“Caelum Rex” she purred his name, “Your name is so much more impressive than your titles.  I love the sound of it.” The Cloud Giantess repeated her lover’s name again while her hands continued their ministrations.  “Your army loves to call you The Conqueror but I prefer what the earthbound islanders call you.”

The Storm Giant was almost too far gone to care about titles or names but as always his concubine administered to all of his passions, “Mmm, what’s that, ohhhum, the ISLANDERS, what is it they name me?”
Caelum Rex

“My familiar indicated the old Druid referred to both you and your enemies as Sky Lords” pleased  to again have information Caelum was unaware of, “It was among his last words before she killed him as you commanded.”

Caelum Rex was too far gone to notice his Concubine’s manipulation of words, her skills such that in the future The Conqueror would swear he ordered the old Druid’s death.
The Familiar


James Caruso said...

Fun Fact:
Caelum, while also a faint constellation, is also common Latin term meaning "sky, heaven, atmosphere"

Nice post

Gordzilla said...

Thank you, Good name research. Check out latin for Rex

James Caruso said...

Yes King. I thought that went without saying. ;)