Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Inner Sanctum of The Eye

Theophrastus entered the chamber and placed the deciphered scroll upon his master’s desk praying that he went unnoticed.  His prayers were answered in the negative.  The leader of The Eye lifted his gaze from the tome he was inscribing to discover the source of interruption.  Theophrastus was shocked to see a smile cross Alcippus’ face and even more surprised when his Master bid him to deliver the message directly, simply stating, “I need a break from my work.”

Theophrastus handed Alcippus the message, certain that the message was quite important if it had advanced through all The Eye’s protocols to arrive at The Sanctum, sometimes derided by the other students at Eresus as The Socket.  The jest was due to most students never seeing their leader work, “Where does The Eye rest?” If the other students had any appreciation for the magnitude of Alcippus’ knowledge and position they would not risk disparaging their teacher.  Someday they would learn and Theophrastus thought on that day, many would tremble.

The old master’s hands unrolled the parchment slowly as he read, a look of concern crossing his features before a grim smile took over.  “Theo, this is the rarest of occurrences, a welcome interruption.  You have brought me a message that I believe will pave a new path forward for The Eye, even under the tyrannical rule of The Mother Dragon.  Come with me Theo, your lessons will now take you into the world and your final destination will have you delivering my answer to The Great Wyrm’s court!” 

At his master’s words, Theophrastus realized his day to tremble had just arrived. 

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James Caruso said...

I have a bad feeling about this... (LOL) and well written!