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09/14/16 Virtues Session 59: Agents of the Crown

Anxious to be gone from this cavern, especially in light that the shadow roper likely originated through the Ways to meet its end here with our characters; and the fact that other entities have tried and either moved on or was destroyed by the ropers whilst investigating the lava encased staff of power.

Duke Olithir
A few teleports later and we arrive, with amazing luck, at Bouvet Keep and immediately notice the quiet and stillness in the Main Keep. After startling a chamber-maid we enter the den of the keep to find a pensive Melandrach Olithir. Joyful camaraderie was short lived as we hand him the pledge book filled with names of his supporters for Duke, and fill his ears with tales of how we had to obtain every name. Then we present the dire news of war upon the Isles from a Cloud Continent and the gnome warlord.

Melandrach informs us of messages he has received regarding hostilities and that Kriet Oppenshire was under attack from monstrous forces; furthermore, a dire proclamation, Verik Ny had fallen to giants.

When asked, Melandrach says much of his resources are devoted to rebuilding the docks and waterways. He laments many folk have left with no ships coming in, but will devote troops to this war. That is good news because our characters have come to take him before the King of the Evening Isles post haste.

Rydin mentions the Virtues and Melandrach’s predecessors’ importance Duke Calias Bouvet placed on them officially in the church. Melandrach’s mission now is to find a place for Bouvet Keep because his heart is for the city as Melandrach so he maintains neutrality in his opinion. Melandrach must wrap up some business however, and asks to leave in the morning.

In the meantime Syrendross scrys on Gazalcia to find her in a cage being auctioned off by a grey skinned giant with tattoos on his calves and who’s size is greater than Syrendross’ visual sensor allows. Her buyer is a ten foot tall blue-skinned  humanoid. Eventually she disappears from sight and is replaced by a half-elf bard who Kyras remembers seeing in passing. 

At various times Melandrach checks in with us between callings and his gathering of men and resources. We are fed and watered and allowed to rest and notice that throughout the night activity is on the rise in the Main Keep.

Day 168. Melandrach arrives early with potions and components to resupply, and as we prepare to leave horns sound as if ships have been spotted out at sea. Melandrach exchanges surprised looks before we all make haste to an observation point.

After ten minutes, passing busy soldiers, we look out to sea to witness what looks like six floating islands that turned out to be dragon turtles bearing Koatoa and lizardmen. Melandrach calls forth the navy, confident in his men to defend the city.

An hour later we find ourselves flying with the use of spells, teleported over Triskell. Looking down we see how a manmade lake separates the old west part of the city from the new east side. Spanning the lake is a fifty foot wide suspension bridge that sits as a backdrop to Castle Triskell which sits on an island in the massive lake.

We land at the modest dock that serves the Island Castle and immediately notice people from all cultures from around the Isles as they notice us.

We are accosted by castle soldiers and are soon recognized as Bouvaldian ambassadors who were clearly not expecting Melandrach. Soon we are introduced to a court bard, a half-elf named Sulf Kayh who apologizes for the mistake in courtesy but recovers with an official greeting and announcements.

Our characters state we have come answering the King’s call; and in a few short hours we are shown hospitalities and invited to wait patiently. In the meantime Kotri calls for a castle steward, named Lerk (human, red hair) who at first complements our attire then soon schools us on protocols for a meeting with the King of the Isles.

We are privy to some messages indicating all out war on the eastern coast; a coordinated and magical attacks. But once we provide some firsthand accounts of the battle (giving Sulf Kayh some exclusive prestige)… the king sees us immediately.

Wood Weist King of the Evening Isles
At first we come to the First King’s “Geron Triskellion” throne, before making our way to a meeting with the King Weist, the current king. In attendance were:

The Duke of Verik Ny
Ambassador of Jeshal Macrear
Duke of Kriet Oppenshire
Duke of Mogerin
Duke of Lockshire
Ambassador of Miar Moshea
Ambassador to Emmerdin Pac Napiay (Ysitt)
Duke of Bouvaldia (Melandrach Olithir)

The king, scarred and wearing magic of ancient origins first apologies to Melandrach Olithir for the improper procedure in placing a new Duke, but war is upon the Isles. Dispensing with formality until such a time as it can properly be completed King Weist sits Melandrach Olithir, naming him temporary Duke of Bouvaldia. 

We retell our encounters at the Water Tower, through scrying, and finally the battle at Labiatar’s Hope mentioning Keltischer Sanger and items of antiquity that are at risk; the attack was 200 strong with six giants bolstering the numbers. The mentioning of a dragon at Labitar’s Hope however, unsettles the assemblage revealing hidden ninjas ready to protect the king. Our characters maintain the dragons are protectors of the isles which leads us to explaining our planed offensive to the king.

When the Cloud Continent was mentioned several people had reactions including the stand-in for the Duke of Mogrin who excuses himself to fetch the real Duke who is quickly discovered to have had dealings with the Cloud Continent. The Ambassador to Emmerdin Pac Napiay speaks of a familiarity in his land of the Cloud Continent and that some of the Order of the Linx had traveled there; even Melandrach speaks that Ralikanthae likely knows something as well, as he was lookout steward at the Waterwall. Recess is taken.

Three hours later, the meeting reconvenes sans the Duke of Mogerin. The king begins by stating that for a number of decades a group of rune casters have traveled through the Vale of Secrets to meet or train with the Witch of the Word. This causes a reaction from the Duke of Kriet Oppenshire, and he speaks “Nis”.

After some discussion the King asks if we are Bouvaldians and why we fight for the Isles. Each of us answer in turn accepting the Kings grip, Kyras’ family is ennobled, and our characters are dubbed Agents of the Crown including all the honors and benefits such a title holds.

The King admits to rumors of a dragon ruling the world, but is further sullen when he learns the reality that the Evening Isles represent the one place on earth Tiamat does not hold sway. This has a silencing effect on the representatives of the Isles.
After the meeting Rydin makes inquiries about the outside adjacent embassies to learn that Twilight House is among them, while Syrendross commissions an artist to create a rendering of us before we leave to take on the flying citadel and the Cloud Continent.

Meanwhile rumors persist that the Duke of Mogerin is serving as the king’s ‘guest’ for another day, paranoia about the dragons of virtue, and the absence of the Church in these affairs and that the king plans on handing down orders upon the Church.
Ainau Triskellion
Day 169. Ainau Triskellion unties with Kyras and gifts him with an all weather bag full of components as a symbol of their relationship. Kyras reveals his mythic nature and his avatar status; this comes as a complete relief to her as she shares her own secrets: she believes the Green Faith is the faith of the isles; is 100% sure about the threat Tiamat poses; and believes herself to be the reincarnation of the first King Triskellion and that she is exactly where fate would have her. She is later outfitted with some of our remaining gear and wondrous items.

At the morning’s War Council, the Ambassador from the Hoppen Coast arrives. The King has an amendment to our plan; once we win the flying citadel, allow the flying airships -currently decommissioned- as well as troops to accompany us (aircraft carrier style) to the Cloud Continent, and that his niece Ainau Triskellion accompany our characters in the Kings stead. All is agreed to.

When we pick up it has been 8 days *Day 174 (3 days of adventure plus 5 days downtime) since our talk with Benevolentia and our plan to assault the flying citadel 10 days from then. We are awarded 5,000 xp


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