Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Barit Coinmail

Barit Coinmail
Barit Coinmail resented being volunteered into Ralikanthae’s elemental unit.  The Volcano dwarf was happy to help the people of Bouvet Keep that had done so much for his people but this alien foreigner was too much.  Since Commander Tramore had ceded his military authority over to the wizard anyone else with elemental talents had been conscripted into a new military unit whose sole duty is to battle the dangers of the Waterwall.  So far Barit had successfully avoided reporting to the new unit due to his clans religious two week seasonal holiday, Skyfire.  The dwarves of flame could only receive their visions from the flames during this two week period and Gargoyle Zarl was able to convince Ralikanthae of their possible importance.  Barit had even experienced a vision, at least he thought it was a vision, even if it did occur during a dream.  So far, none of Barit’s co-clergy saw any importance in the cleric’s dream of a burning stone that revealed sky. Bishop Meldstone assumed the dream arose from Barit’s desire to avoid his new duty and warned him at breakfast that he only had two days of worship remaining.

Barit could not shake the feeling that he had seen the stone in his dream and wished once again he could see the vision from his dream more clearly.  Needing to clear his head and focus his thoughts Barit headed for the shrine of flame in the Temple of War outside the Duke’s Castle. With the Duke away for a wedding the majority of politicians should be busy with whatever they do when they aren’t kissing up to or plotting against Duke Calias Bouvet.  “Hopefully Zaradinae would be working the royal hospice and have time on her hands.” Barit thought to himself as he crossed the skyhigh skyway from Hollow Mountain to Roc’s Nest. 

The particular section of the skyway Barit was travelling had twice been repaired by the dwarven engineers, the mountain paths having been damaged by the sundering and subsequent avalanches.  Barit approached a tunnel that had been created through such a collapse and wondered if his eyes were deceiving him, the floor and wall of the tunnel glowed in the darkness, an elemental fire filling up a five foot section of wall and floor.  Barit now knew where he had seen the stone in his dream, having passed through this tunnel many times before. Barit stepped into the tunnel approaching the burning stone. 

The dwarven cleric’s skin grew cold watching the stone being consumed by flame revealing starlight and sky behind the stone, where outside the tunnel was the bright sunshine of day.  Barit now certain his vision is true watches as shapes form in the starlight with several humanoids stepping through the fire, one clearly a dwarf of unquestionable faith.

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