Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Outflank them !

Kotri drank deeply from a flagon filled with beer given her by the giant Rydin had befriended. That's how powerful the infectious enthusiasm of Rydin's Friendship was. She was drinking giant beer. She shook her head ruefully, and looked around her at the people who had chosen to follow these mythic heroes as she had. Already she had developed a fast close relationship with Barlie, the Ring of Fire cabalist. Kotri understood well her overwhelming reaction to discovering the saving grace of friendship, as it was only weeks ago in a seemingly ageless lifetime that friendship rescued her from a soldiers life stuck in hell. Between studying the opened spell books of the Heroes and practicing linking with the magical crystals, she had been devoted to practicing and training at the behest of Anu. As had Kotri and the rest of the followers. Of the newest ones, Emilio Banderas had caught her eye. Kotri immediately identified his high intelligence, and she kind of adored his Sommenhiem accent. The ship mage proved to be a quick study of the spells in the Heroes' collection, and she knew arcana well enough to be hugely impressed that he could prepare spells with no book and shape his will into spell effects he had never studied before. (These reflect his mythic tier 1 choices).  Her own specialty, the ability to flank opponents to devastating ends, had been the focus of training of late, and she felt good about how well the training took. Essentially she taught her friends how to wait a bit longer in a flank to take maximum advantage of your allies manouvers to increase your advantage in striking (the teamwork feat "outflank").

She liked Anu's approach and hoped the Heroes adopted it into their battle plans. She smiled in Dwarven anticipation of a good old-fashioned Giant fight.

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