Thursday, November 24, 2016

11/23/16 Virtues Session 68: Gillespie and The Contract Devil

Day 185. We begin this week’s session flying three miles high and over a hastily descending landmass that was the flying Citadel. Gone was the Dragon of Lust and in her place were agents of Hell. Taking stock of our suddenly changed situation our characters become aware that our enemies Gillespie, a mythic contract devil, a bone devil, barbed devil, a pit hag, and a fallen angel had used a time stop to enhance themselves before bringing Hell upon our characters. Devils rained down hellfire and spittle down upon the area as many of our opponents, who had us suddenly surrounded, used their extra time to study us for the first time.

We learned some things as well: devils are immune to fire and poison; they are resistant to cold and acid; they can see in the dark, some here could have enhanced perceptions; they can summon more of their kind, and some here have the ability to gate; they communicate telepathically and know many languages; and their natural weaponry is mythic, lawful and evil.

We start off with a tactical teleport away thanks to Dramen for five rounds to regroup before Syrendross teleports us to Captain Farkus’ ship Fortune. Unfortunately for it and the Adventure Galley these two ships would not survive the battle.

After dispatching Gillespie, the contract devil, bone devil and the fallen angle opponent, many of our characters went into rescue mode trying to save as many sky sailors as our characters could before heading down to recover bodies and items.

Several hours later, after recovering several items, our characters are met by Benevolentia who comes with news. Her and the King’s forces defeated the other flying tower over Trusk and the King has rallied the other duchies to take up the fight. With the flying citadel destroyed and the battle won, the tide of war has turned in the Evening Isles favor.

She also comes with news that the giant drow in Trusk are actively searching for Keltischer Sanger’s soul, a most troubling turn. The dragon asks us to take the fight to them on the Cloud Continent and stop them from finding the Architect’s soul, or find it before Tiamat does. When we start back up we begin on the Cloud Continent.

We are awarded 38,970 xp and another mythic trial which gives our characters thirteen character levels and six mythic tiers. Among the gathered items are- Amulet of Natural Armor +3, Belt of Mighty Constitution +2, Brooch of Shielding 101, Cloak of Resistance +3, Headband of Alluring Charisma +4, Potion CSW, Amulet of Might Fists +3, (2) Winged Boots, Ring of Protection +3, +3 flame burst composite longbow, +3 keen adamantine long sword.

Carry over items from ‘the Battle Continues II’ Unclaimed items: quarterstaff of vaulting (sheds light), pauldrons of the watchful lion, +1 armor/shield with a +1 ability, ring of jumping improved, +1 armor with a +1 ability, ring of the troglodyte, juggernaut pauldrons.

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