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10/26/16 Virtues Session 64: No One Wants Any

We begin this week’s session with the battle against the serpentine and shapely cloud dragon daughter of Lust who was alluring despite her draconic aura. Her defeat came as a surprise to her as well as how her body was consumed by fire then sucked away was to our characters. Silence enveloped the inner fortress as we learn the Ring of Fire Cabal was successful in defeating the cloud dragon’s allies in battle: thirty winged minotaur as well as a strangely scarred giant.

Assessing the scene, our characters realize the magical crystal that creates the flying tower force effect took damage setting Dramen’s progress back a day and extending the time it would take to repair the item. However, being the mythic crafter Dramen is he set about fixing the large magical crystal in a day and a half.

Meanwhile Rydin, Syrendross, and Kyras exit the fortress and head towards the slave pens. Outside, in the flying tower’s inner valley the three heroes encounter no resistance. Syrendross is finally reunited with Gazalcia who, along with information from Barlie, expand on our growing knowledge of the Cloud Continent. Gazalcia explains that her blue-skinned giant captor was not from the Cloud Continent but seemed familiar with navigation terms and comfortable with getting to places she overheard; her proximity sometimes allowed her to overhear some things… She at one time heard the gnome warlord mention Castle Mistvale, she assumes it is on the Cloud Continent.

Among the fifty captured individuals was a possible tiefling, catmen, and other exotic races who admit to being treated well despite their situation.

Soon, Rydin, Syrendross, and Kyras are greeted by a stone giant named Garsaul who, after getting our attention outside the fortress, reveals himself and fifty others who recognize the rules of warfare and surrender themselves and their resources to us, the dragon slayers. Twenty giants, ten winged minotaur, and twenty various others including ettins (one being an Eye Member Dramen teleported to Trusk), trolls, ettin-trolls and two unique individuals we meet the next day as we agree to meet each day at this time outside the fortress.

Inside, Barlie expands on what she remembers about the Cloud Continent and its geography. Much of it is featureless with much of the inhabitable areas honeycombed within the billowy layers of clouds. Much of what she explained echoed of the elemental plane of air in that most direction was relative and that one must possess great navigational knowledge to traverse the realm. Terrain and landmarks are rare and sparse with massive deserts proving especially difficult to conquer.

Rydin spends a goodly amount of time with the rune-caster offering her friendship and his spellbook to copy spells. This act of generosity is disarming and overwhelms her personally.

Meanwhile Syrendross prepares a sending to Wood Weist King of the Evening Isles and with a little help from his friends sends this... “Tower captured; is being recalled to the Citadel we believe. Can fleet meet us over This Landmark in Blank days?”

Information: the flying Citadel is 150 miles NW of Naper’s Dawn and 100 miles NE of Somenhiem.

A response comes back: “King’s Ship will meet you. Kriet’s ships will replace our own with better ships and better skills. War at standstill, we are holding.”
Kuir, Half Black Dragon

Day 2 of repair/ Day 178. Garsaul the stone giant returns, meeting Kyras, Syrendross, and Rydin, outside the fortress with two new individuals: a half black dragon named Kuir and a pale ogre named Duz. Kuir is respectful of our power and pledges his double axe and provides us information on the flying citadel. Duz claims to not actually be a ogre, but a humble man from a coastal Dark Continent town.

During the midday Dramen fixes the tower’s crystal stopping the ‘recall’ and giving our character’s full access to the tower’s features. We discover the crystal is the center of the force effect and with the map now projected on the navigation wall, Syrendross is able to determine the second flying tower is near Trusk.

This prompts a second Sending to the King. “Second flying tower, also connected to the Citadel is over Trusk. Ainau is alive and well and we are on course to This Landmark.”

The quick response: “If you have full control then we shall send King's ships to Trusk and Kriet’s ships will meet with you instead.”

We are awarded with 10k exp and 1 mythic trial. We start the next session meeting the skyfleet from Kriet Oppenshire. 

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