Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Airships of Kriet Oppenshire

The Sloops that made up the previously grounded airships could hold up to 90 men comfortably and had modified eight cannons to the sky environment.    Ship 1 is the only ship of the five that isn’t a Sloop.  The Adventure Galley as it was known was a Frigate that could easily hold 160 men and carried 12 Cannons. Each ship has seventy skilled soldiers all of whom are learning their new assignment on the “fly” so to speak.

Karvos Kidd, Kayla Spriggs, Farkus Low, Cooper T. Clerk, and Howell Bartholomew
Ship 1: The Adventure Galley      Captain: Karvos Kidd Human Male
The Adventure Galley

Captain Karvos Kidd Human Male

Ship 2: Delight   Captain: Kayla Spriggs ½ Elven Female
Captain Kayla Spriggs ½ Elven Female

Ship 3: Fortune    Captain: Farkus Lowe Human Male
Captain Farkus Low Human Male

Ship 4: Night Rambler      Captain Cooper T. Clerk Human Male
Captain Cooper T. Clerk Human Male

Ship 5: Rover      Captain Howell Bartholomew  1/2 Elven Male

Captain Howell Bartholomew  

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