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05/11/16 Virtues Session 43: Ambassadors in King Moshea’s Court

We begin in the Miar Moshea city of Ferraq Tulle as Marshal Kalysia Rodonia escorts Rydin/Echn Seyp, Kotri, Dolgrin and Co., as well as Dramen-the-kid to the Seyp noble residence. The elven ‘city’ was a concourse of crystalline structures utilized like the people of Gibraltar would use marble to build their city.

Meanwhile Kyras and Syrendross remained outside Ferraq Tulle. The druid was kept busy accepting flowers and tokens of tribute in return for blessings from the Green Faith; for the drow however, the arcanist was an object of both scorn and curiosity.

Back on the ranch Rydin/Seyp experienced – in first person perspective – a flood of memories from the former soul that inhabited Rydin/Seyp’s mortal body. Out of context memories on the Green Faith; immediate family members and former close friends; how the elven government worked in Miar Moshea, as well as how to identify subtle differences between elven sub races; his personal inheritance, and, to further our cause in mending the ways, realization that Rydin/Seyp needs no special permission to visit the cemetery Row of the Ancients.

As this was occurring the others notice they are all being studied both magically and with the mundane eye. Humans, a few volcano dwarves, as well as some sinister gnomes gather to watch the return of Echn/Rydin- an elf in direct lineage to the King of the Elves. Not only was Dramen and the dwarves – Dolgrin, Barit, Kotri – scanned magically, but too was Rydin/Seyp to mayhap discern his true nature and independent will.
Kyras is skeptical of gnomes.
Outside the city Kyras and Syrendross were approached by a gnome, ‘call me Blasto’ and warned the drow of three elven houses that would most likely do the arcanist harm: Levarel, Casipore, and Uthervin all non-noble families. This information was offered for free as Blasto mentioned his time in Ferraq Tulle was short.

Back in the city, Rydin recalls those who Echn Seyp remembered the longest: Zygh, a peer the same age as Echn except Zygh never pursued the arcane arts- instead he became a member of the Honored Elven Blades. Itino, the elf who taught Echn magic in his early adulthood- a tutor and friend known as a sypher mage. Ohata, a former romantic interest commonly referred to as the ‘fey enchantress.’ Not everyone comes back to Rydin/Seyp but eventually more familiar faces wash ashore from the oceans of memory.

Dolgrin detects evil
Dramen and Dolgrin watch as signals are traded between Kalysia and others confirming positively that Rydin/Seyp has virtuous intentions and is not coerced in any way, but it was the dwarf paladin that identified the sinister gnomes and one elf guard who registered evil.

As they approached the Seyp noble estate Dramen could see the myriad of magic schools emanating from the crystalline sculptured estate. Much as we have seen before when traveling through crystal structures, it only takes moments when Rydin/Seyp is able to breach the/his estate with but a touch and a thought. 

All the attendees seem pleased when this occurs but as many individuals quickly fade from view Kalysia gathers the group to Echn Seyp’s mother and father before leaving to prepare for the meeting with the king on the morrow.

Back outside the city Syrendross, in the confines of a secure shelter, begins the scrying process on the sinister Bathanon- a known mind flayer collaborator.

Rydin breaks the news to everyone. 
Rydin palavers with Mother and Father Seyp where the Magus reveled his new ‘perspective’ on life and his new mantle and title as Co-Ambassador to Bouvaldia, to which they responded positively- only too happy to have their lost son returned to them. He is also able to access 50 k in the form of an inheritance, and one spell from each of the nine levels of magic.

As this played out Dolgrin and the dwarves sample the wine and cheeses while Dramen scouts out the library and information on Relenia and Ways ‘creator’ wizards from ancient times. What he discovered, with confirmation from Lapis, was that Miar Moshea had four elemental fonts- one for each element. In his studies Dramen would often encounter the name Virallian Mozeel the long dead elven Archmage to the original court of Moshea as well as two names of demi-planes within the ways: Shadowgate and Soul Mirror and four command phrases for ways/ley lines access from one demi-plane to the next (like a mine car changes tracks, a command phrase will switch a gate’s destination.)
Syrendross Scrys on Bathanon

Meanwhile, Syrendross homed in on Bathanon who was sharing a bottle of bourbon with a Gallant butler discussing, ironically, our group. Bathanon laments our group’s wealth and power, and that Ornap wants nothing to do with these new heroes from Bouvaldia; but it was the Gallant’s butler who maintained that Bathanon was looking in the wrong direction. As an Eye member Bathanon should know the most valuable asset is information. 

After a time the exchange of drinks and banter ends and Bathanon exits the Gallant but is soon given a fairly detailed list of our magical items by a rather shrewd and observant female employee of the Gallant. Syrendross comes away from the divination with the knowledge that news of our group is traveling fast and will precede us wherever we go from now on, more so now that Eye members are involved- and to proceed with caution.

The next day (day 131) the heroes of virtue prepare for an audience with the King of the Elves, Duke of Miar Moshea- Miraq Moshea. Attendance was Rydin/Seyp’s family, Kalysia Rodonia, and the heroes save for the drow Syrendross who was not present but nevertheless a distant participant.

The castle courtyard was wrought with creation magic and featured amazing works of crystal and metal worked sculptures. Chamber after chamber the group was lead through until finally brought into a multifaceted room where panes of crystal reflected projected images of the royal elven court: The King MiraqMoshea, Ferrum Vigmatto, Ambassador Korleigh Lockshire, Viralla Mozeel and swordmaster Camaroneous Steel.

Therein followed a formal presentation by the Seyp family; along with Kalysia Rodonia to testify before the king the sincerity of Rydin/Seyp and his companions including their alignment with the dragons of virtue. This revelation had a mixed receptions: with Ferrrum he expressed disgust but not at our group- at the mention of dragons although he did try to disguise his hate; Viralla, good at compartmentalizing, maintains trust in Kalysia’s scrutiny of us; Ambassador Korleigh reacted the most to this information but sided on understanding rather than a rash conclusion; but it was Camaroneous Steel who expressed an unknown guilt that Kotri understood as regret for possibly attacking a dragon (of virtue?).

The king asks if we have met all the dragons of virtue to which Rydin/Seyp replies truthfully no (not all of them- only three to date). The King furthermore states our mission as he understands it after we present our official documents and validation ledger to Marshal Kalysia.

What followed was about an hour recess before King Miraq Moshea returns (Viralla returning to the court in the flesh) with a request if our documents would receive a positive endorsement. The King required outsiders to go to Urbport, recover and return Markalis Cryssal to face justice for what may have been pre-knowledge of the Sundering. This would have gave Markalis invaluable information that profited him and his supporters greatly and if proved to be true he needs to answer to his King and the elven people.

We agree and Syrendross is provided another token to stave off the adverse Miar Moshea effects. 
Dramen doesn't like Ley line taxes. 

After the official meeting of the court, Dramen introduces himself to Viralla Mozeel the current archmange to speak about magic and palaver about the ways. He opens the dialogue with a question as to why her grandfather Virallian Mozeel continued to come up in Dramen’s research revealing his interest in the Ways and the nature of the cost the Ways tolls.

She said that it was originally a tribute to the elven gods but grandfather Virallian said that since the age of the Dawning the world is ‘not where it once was.’ And since the sacrifice system is warped, tributes are lost to the unknown. She does admit to traveling to the ways, albeit briefly when she was really young. Dramen mentions Relenia whereby he learns Relenia was grandfather Virallian’s apprentice and indeed worked on sections of the Ways. And when asked who would know more on the Ways/Ley lines Viralla mentions a blind individual living in Urbport named Kasil. Furthermore if Dramen and company are successful for the King she promises to take Dramen to her residence to show him Virallian’s maps of the Ways, and gift the boy-mage with one of grandfather's books.

Later Dramen gifts Viralla with achaierai components as the group are offered an assortment of wands and alchemical gifts up to 500 gold. On the sly Viralla asks Rydin/Seyp if Ohata ‘knows’ of their past relations. Of course not *wink.

After reuniting the heroes, Marshal Kalysia Rodonia escorts us to the far side of Ferraq Tulle leaving us with about a 300 mile journey ahead of us. As we travel we are haunted with feelings of being watched causing Syrendross to spot twin hawks in the sky- arcane companions likely- tracking our passage through Miar Moshea. We pass several personal domiciles of crystal and eventually come close to where one of the four elemental fonts is located.

Leaving the road to investigate the (earth) elemental font we see that the dual hawks immediately fly toward Ferraq Tulle as we broke from the road. The elemental font was a column of drooling earth and when Kotri stepped too close a clawed behir arm emerged from the font in an attempt to grab and pull her in.

Its destruction yielded no xp but gave the spellcasters four meta magic components for electric based spells: for Syrendross it was one flaring spell and one maximized spell. Furthermore it was discovered that the Night Hag’s heartstone could be recharged here but its magic was conflicting and neither element would be able to fully express its power upon the other.

It was decided that we should camp but before any of us could truly enjoy ourselves, six riders approach the dwarf and asked to see the monster we put down but in reality it seemed to be an excuse to get a closer look at us. The name Casipore was heard passed during their curious questions but after a time they left riding further up the road and along our path, Syrendross and the spellcasters stayed hidden in a magical shelter the entire time.

We spend some time learning how to enter the elemental font; for Rydin it would be relatively easy, but for us a use magic devise would suffice. We begin next session on Day 132 on the river road to Urbport. 


robm1171 said...

Dolgrin also had electricity/lightning added to his axe

James Caruso said...

Yes and..

1- Summon Blade
2- Share Memory
3- Protection From Energy
4- Battle Hymn
5- Fly, Mass
6- Dispel Magic, Greater
7- Teleport, Greater
8- Mind Blank
9- Time Stop