Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Echn Seyp-Moshea’s Last Days Before the Rest of His Life

Rydin Meirdarel
‘I need you for more than the authority your presence provides,” explained Camaroneous. “Your arcane skills may be required if we need to make a hasty retreat.”
“I’m sure my father’s blade provides another reason for you to ask me to join you doesn’t it Cam?” Echn walked from his homes entrance into his apartments on the southwest wing as they spoke. “So if I understand you correctly, you only want to see the dragon..”
“Dragons!” the Swordmaster interrupted, “Only one of them has identified itself, claiming to bring knowledge from heaven, with no explanation for the two other dragons!”
“So you’re suspicious of the Dragons..ssss” Echn inquired, his eyebrow raised, “They probably aren’t yet aware they need to explain themselves, beasts that size usually don’t explain.”
“Cousin, this is strictly fact finding I assure you. I want to learn what we can.  The King assures us that no dark hearted Wyrm can land anywhere upon the Isles yet I can’t help but be cautious, it doesn’t take a dark heart to bring danger.” Camaroneous realized the error of his words as they left his lips and his cousin’s response didn’t disappoint.
“Yes it would seem well meaning intentions have brought danger to my door!” Echn chuckled, “For all your skill with a blade, your lack of tact with your lips is your greatest weakness.”  The two cousins and friends continued their discussion over wine, passing a very pleasant evening before leaving the next morning to view the Dragons that had generated so much interest among the Nobles of Ferraq Tulle.

“It feels like we are traveling through a foreign land.” Camaroneous stated, “I’ve traveled this way many times before and seen nothing like this.”  Echn listened to his cousin via a magical message cantrip he had cast some thirty seconds before.  Echn was using his magic to try to hide his presence from the immense Wyrm whose bulk had caused so much destruction.  Several ancient crystal structures in the Vigmatto territory has been destroyed when the Dragons first arrived here, terrifying and angering the Vigmatto clan.   Echn was searching the debris of one the structures, frightened to discover three elven bodies that did not survive the Wyrm’s arrival.

Echn whispered, “I found Shanti, I don’t think I can remove her remains without revealing myself…wait a second..” Echn stared at the land nearest the Wyrm unsure if he could believe what his eyes were revealing.  The very earth, crystal, and stone nearest the dragon was swirling, CHANGING, magically altering as if in reaction to the gargantuan creature. 

“Get out of there, get your ass back to me now!” exclaimed Camaroneous as he stared at the phenomena swirling around the beast, “Echn, come on, this is too dangerous!” The Swordmaster watched from the crystal well hundreds of yards from where his cousin had used his conjuration magic to search the great Wyrm’s field of destruction.

“The dragon…it looks like it’s changing the land around it, I don’t know…wait a sec, some of the ruins are moving, I might be able to get Shanti…oh no……….I”

Camaroneous could only stare, his friends location was suddenly drawn into the chaotic swirl around the dragon.  His eyes told him his friend was gone but his heart still held out hope, “Echn!” Cam called out but the spell, like his cousin, was gone.  Camaroneous’ anger surged through him eliminating logical thought, his blade jumping from his sheath, as the elven swordsman sprang forth to challenge the beast that took his friend.