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Miar Moshea The Elven Duchy

Miar Moshea (Me Are Mo Shay)- Midwestern coastal duchy often referred to as the Elven Duchy.  The current leader of Miar Moshea is 900 some year old Duke Miraq Moshea.  Miar Moshea is often referred to as the quiet duchy for their tendency towards isolationism.  Most of the elves of the isles can trace their lineage back to Miar Moshea which in elven means island mother. 

Ferraq Tulle (Fair Rock Tool)- The capitol city of 50,000 residents was created solely for purposes of government. Ferraq Tulle was created by decree when the elves signed a treaty to enter into The Triskellion kingdom   The elves had long been allied with lawful rulers of the Isles even before joining the Triskellion Kingdom. Since joining the crown many elves have become prominent figures throughout The Evening Isles. Ferraq Tulle is famed in art and tale as the Crystal City.  Paintings reveal sparkling gemstones grown and manipulated to fantastic heights and shapes, the crystal reacting to the vibrant magic of the elven culture.  A folktale tells of sunlight captured in crystals wielded by elven champions against creatures of the dark.

Prior to entering into the kingdom the elves where quiet allies of the crown, and many individual elves entered into and gained prominence in the lands ruled by the crown. 

Urbport (Bacon)-The Sundering changed the elven culture and duchy in ways the first king could never have anticipated.  Where Ferraq Tulle was originally intended to be the only incursion into elven lands by the rest of the kingdom, the Sundering forced the elven duchy to develop the coastal trade city of Urbport as well as a road traversing from Urbport to Ferraq Tulle.  The road to Ferraq Tulle was a profitable trade route into the Royal Duchy of Lockshire, due to Ferraq Tulle being so close to Lockshire’s border. The road between Urbport and Ferraq Tulle is called The River by the citizens of Urbport while the elves generally refer to the road as The Slice.

During the creation of Urbport, reformists succeeded in convincing the elders to give Urbport over to half-elves, finally providing them a place and purpose within the Duchy. The entire structure of the city, from architecture, harbor, and governance was left to the half elves to devise.  They were responsible for processing foreign sea trade along with protecting the road between Urbport and Ferraq Tulle. The elven leaders did not foresee the power and wealth they were providing to the long suffering half elves, only recognizing in the last decade the growth of Urbport and strength of its leaders. 


Miraq Moshea: King of the Elves, Duke of Miar Moshea 
Miraq Moshea

Virallian Mozeel: Long dead Elven Archmage to the original court of Moshea.

Viralla Mozeel: Grand Daughter of the famed original Archmage.  She is now King Miraq’s expert on all things magical and his closest adviser.
Viralla Mozeel

Nistle Ky Shea: Elven ranger during the times of antiquity, his writings on the ecology of The Isles is taught to every elf that strings a bow

Ferrum Vigmatto: A traditionalist of the old order, Ferrum seeks to restore Miar Moshea to its ancient customs, status and structure.

Arcanthorth Vigmatto: Known as the feuding lover among elven nobility, Arcanthorth’s scandalous reputation is audacious in rumor and fact.  His longest held feud being with his brother Ferrum, supposedly over Arcanthorth bedding his brother’s then wife.

Ambassador Korleigh Lockshire: Daughter of the Duke of Lockshire, Dumah Lockshire
Ambassador Korleigh Lockshire
Markalis Cryssal: Now out of favor reformist, one hundred years ago was one of the leading reformists responsible for handing Urbport over to the half elves.  
Markalis Cryssal
                             Camaroneous SteelFamous Elven Swordmaster
Camaroneous Steel


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