Monday, May 11, 2015

The City-State of Gibraltar

The Day the Great Arch fell is the first day that anyone in the great old city of Tingibaltar had considered such an event possible.  The Arch was so massive and had been there so long that for it to fall was unthinkable. That day was just the beginning of events that the people of the Tingibaltar had not considered for who could have imagined the earth moving, the very land itself pushing its way through the Great Arch and forever dividing one city into two.
Today Gibraltar sits seven miles north across the sea forever separated from Tingis, the northern most city on the great Dark Continent.  The two cities separation had lead to great changes in each community, their cities personalities greatly affected. The narrow straight left behind by volcanic violence that had tore the arch had also lead to great wealth for both cities, their locations being of strategic value both in war and trade.

City-State of Gibraltar (Far East Side of Straight)
LN Metropolis Corruption +5; Crime +5; Economy +2; Law +3; Lore +5; Society +3

Danger +12; Marketplace Base Value 27,200 gp; Purchase Limit 200,000 gp

Government: Previous titles carried over from Tingibaltar history, all offices lead with the term Arch

Government ruled by the council of Three:  A Military Ruler, The Arch-Lord, a magical expert, The 

Arch-Mage, and finally a religious leader, The Arch Bishop.  Each title is usually followed by a family declaration, such as Arch Lord Mon Calpe.

Population 60,000 (31,000 humans; 10,000 halflings; 8,000 elves; 5000 dwarves; 2,000 half-elves; 1,000 gnomes; 3,000 other)

People of Note:
Arch Lord Mon Calpe Human Male
Arch Lord Mon Calpe 
Arch Mage Endroth Rynmund Elf Male
Arch Mage Endroth Rynmund 

Arch Bishop Elcalanté Mortrant Human Male
Arch Bishop Elcalanté Mortrant 

Enasia Niden Half Elven Female Operates Wind Mill
Kimycia Niden Half Elven Female Operates Niden Lighthouse
Mosorm Queche Gnome Male Owner of the Great Grainery Horsemill
Verald Mosid Dwarf Male Pawnbroker and owner of The Longhouse
Mine Master Itoc Earthstone Dwarf Male operator of Greatstone Mine

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