Monday, April 25, 2016

The Bourbon Partners II

They carry immense wealth,” words sang more than spoken, Bathanon’s voice slightly raised carrying the weight of desire.

“Your greed is going to drive your life away Bathanon, you didn’t see these guys in action.  I was only able to get away from them because they didn’t know where to look.  I’m lucky they aren’t vengeful, I don’t want them as enemies!” the Summoner warned. 

“Prepared is forewarned and they were prepared.  I don’t have to steal from them to make coin from the association.  Maybe they will share some of that wealth, information is valuable too you know.” Bathanon’s words were conciliatory but his tone was glum. “I’m going to learn what I can, that much money walks by you have to get a taste.”                          
Ornap Caroom
Ornap Caroom smiled at his greedy friend refilling his glass with bourbon, “I’ll make everything alright.”

Muttering into his cups Bathanon grumbled, “It’s me I’m Running from! No one else, just me.”

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