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04/27/16 Virtues Session 41: Truth is a Virtue

Our session begins moments after we destroy the hereto believed unkillable bulette. We briefly split up trying to find clues or information; Dramen finds a damaged magical robe, Rydin and Syrendross examine the remains of a camp fire and call out, but it was Kyras who spotted a dark humanoid lurking in the tunnel to the mine entrance while the rest of the group are visited with feelings of being watched.  

A few minutes pass and we are addressed by a strange dungeoneer but are told to inquire Favray inside. The Mine house, once a part of a prosperous crystal mine, is now dilapidated and unkempt. Inside we are greeted by what appeared to be a human woman named Gail who seemed nonplused at our presence and obvious prowess… there was a gargantuan magical beast carcass lying dead outside after all.

After being called forth, a human appearing Favray seem delighted and a bit overwhelmed that such a group as us answering the request of repairing his damaged magical bracers. However after some frank talk of openness, truth, and friendship, Favray drops the pretense and resumes his natural drow form.

The individual was striking with exotic firearms crisscrossed at his hips with a blunder-boom-stick strapped and ready at his back. Favray concedes to his limited magical knowledge and his need for assistance to repair his bracers. He also acknowledges the virtues and offers an ancient drow spellbook and rumors on an artifact.

Talk wanes to the bulette battle why he utilizes the Eye: as a bridge to otherwise unavailable services as a drow elf. In the meantime Dramen examines the bracers and, while the drow Favray is talking with Rydin, quickly repairs them. Kyras communes with nature and scans for unnatural creatures and confirms up to three creatures that qualify, however the druid’s range is limited to less than a fifth of a mile underground.

Favray returns to Dramen who conveys to the drow that his money is no good and that an exchange of services is a more appropriate recompense between fellow iMembers. As payment, Dramen asks Favray to spy on Bathanon; it was Syrendross however who gifted Favray with a Cloak of the bat to discover the exact purpose the sinister Bathanon was serving in the region.

Accompanying Favray to retrieve the spellbook Syrendross observes other drow (with firearms), survivors of after the Sundering. When handed the ancient spellbook Syrendross is overcome with Shar’s memories and realize this book of spells is Alicia’s first workbook after her reincarnation as a drow elf. While at the entrance to the mine elevator Syrendross commits the area to memory.

Favray describes the artifact as a rod or perhaps a staff of great ancestral power. The story is that the staff was swept away in a lava flow and came to rest in an area of great magical radiation. Later contemplations on this reveal to Rydin that this staff of magic is in fact Myrddin Og’s lost staff of power.  This revelation hints to a greater conspiracy that someone or something had been gathering items significant to our host personality’s history on Ancient Earth. It was at this time that Favray’s superstition of artifacts surfaces including fears of squid headed horrors or to speak of artifacts aloud. Favray tells us of surface features to look out for when hunting down the artifact of power.

Later, Favray treats us to an astounding gun-show and we promise to keep his drow community a secret; meanwhile Favray will investigate Bathanon and will get to work on a regional map as well. Before we teleport back to the road, we tell Favray we will return after our trip into Miar Moshea.

Back at the Gallant we make contact with Fawell Detroit, the gnome tailor, for our Miar Moshea finery. Included are three names of associates in Ferraq Tulle and letters of introduction to said merchants.
We also learn that Theresa identified then escorted out two individuals who were curious about us. Dramen checks in with the Gallant manager and indicated the bracer repair job completed. Also waiting for us are gifts of Waverly tobacco- the rest of their inventory (to make room for their new Harbringer hops crop) and masterwork smoking pipes.

We rest.

Day 128, Dramen summons equestrian mounts early the next day for a brief ride to the border, although we have the mounts for the next six days. Along the way we gain an appreciation for the markets and services along the well traveled road between Ferraq Tulle and Bier De Weitz, but the journey was largely uneventful until we arrive at the Miar Moshea border.
Border Crossing

Stationed at the border crossing was a unit of six elven guards. Syrendross was intimidated, Rydin was invigorated, but it was Dolgin- the dwarf, which earned the first greeting from Eleathe, the captain of the border guard.

Identifying the dwarf as a paladin, Eleathe spoke to Dolgrin’s sworn duties and asked the good dwarf to pass judgment on accusations that were breaking apart his unit from the inside. The captain had obvious reservations regarding the drow Syrendross but conceded the drow into elven lands on the word of the paladin that Syrendross’ intentions are not sinister and that the drow serves truth as a Virtue.

Eleathe grants Syrendross a token that will offer relief from the adverse effects from the elven lands but warns such protection will be fleeting.

We travel two miles to the unit’s headquarters where Eleathe guarantees Dolgrin will have the final say in what happens to the accused or the would be false accuser. We come a great gemstone worked into the architecture of the unit’s barracks, while the gemstone was mundane that did not diminish the splendor of the structure.

At the end of the investigations, with harsh questions asked by the paladin and memories shared via Dramen’s spell, it was revealed that at the very least mind-control was involved and neither Amarisan (accused) nor Javier Merisiel (accuser) were guilty of their neglect against the supposed smugglers that resulted in deaths and Javier being entered into slavery (only to escape by bulette happenstance only four days ago).

Revealed in the memories of Amarisan and Javier were Bathanon colluding with what appeared to be illithids, (Syrendross clearly identified the symbol of the Eye worn by the illithids) who would eventually consign Javier to drow slavery as indicated by his tattoos on the elven guard’s forearm. The markings, as identified by Syrendross, were that of house Tanir.

The captain offers us his appreciation whereby we come forward about our true quest as ambassadors from Bouvaldia carrying official decrees for support to elevate the Admiral Melandrach Olithir to Duke. Eleathe encourages us to looks up Ulliscious, once a border guard and ‘friend of the unit’ when she returns from her travels with the court mage from Lockshire.  

Talk waxes to Ferraq Tulle and its general layout: a city of three sections- an embassy area, a common community area and a cemetery gravesite. Dramen mentions the name Relenia and is referred to what is called the Row of the Ancients, a private area of the cemetery. A visit could be obtained by one of the descendants of said ancients. We are informed of the Ring of Fire, a cabal of wizards.

We are awarded 3,000 xp for the ‘border guard trial’ and will begin next week’s session with Ferraq Tulle. 

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