Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Bourbon Partners

 “So there it is, I get hired, move into position and while I wait out the weeks for my target to arrive I look for little money making jobs like this one.”  Bathanon paused taking a sip of his bourbon before the elf continued, “Your talents would make you the perfect partner, allowing us to take on more exotic and therefore more profitable ventures! Not to mention at my age I would like to have someone guarding my back.”
Ornap Caroom refilled his glass of bourbon, sliding the bottle over to Bathanon allowing him to do the same, “I’ve worked with you many times and each time I have made more coin than any other work I’ve undertaken.  I'm anxious to renew our ties.” Ornap’s words were beginning to slur but drunkenness did not hide the warmth and camaraderie the half-elf expressed, “You’ve been a good friend to my family Bathanon, I’ll always guard your back.  Besides, where else would I get this bourbon?”    
Ornap Caroom

Bathanon chuckled, clinking his glass to Ornap’s, toasting their partnership. After their first bottle was finished the elf rogue wanted to talk business “I’m not expecting my target in the area for a few weeks and I’ve come across a profitable real estate venture.  Besides the upfront, there is a stake for each of us in a tobacco farm.”

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