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05/25/16 Virtues Session 45: Welcome to Urbport

Our session began with Dramen piloting a phantom chariot under the cover of Rydin’s illusion of a cloud bank along with, the druid Kyras, and arcanist Syrendross.

We approached a deepening weather pattern that resolved itself into the Font of elemental air. It was through this portal that a clan of deep-earth elementals returned Dolgrin, Barit and new and improved Lapis. This transportation temporarily calmed the weather anomaly and made it even more difficult to notice the font of air without magical aid. In this vein the Dramen and Syrendross study the surrounding land below the Font of elemental air making note of landmarks and typographical details.

While away the paladin Dolgrin and his followers aided the clan of deep-earth elementals in fighting off the vile elementals that were trying to enter the Evening Isles through the Ways/Ley Lines. Through this deed Lapis becomes faster, larger and stronger.

Later, around two in the afternoon, we arrive to the edge of Urbport to find a wide, albeit narrow coastal city. Low lying marshes cradle the city of ten to fifteen thousand residents of varied civilized races; docks stretch the coastline and reach out into the ocean like fingers from the Isles clawing for purchase.

Instead of a bay, Urbport sports docking platforms as well as dry-docks for ship repair and a strange stone pillar jutted out of the water to the city’s east. The pillar had a strange glowing light floating above it.

The city itself was a conglomerate of structures and styles totally devoid of the pretentious use of crystals in their culture. The bustling city possessed industry, a police force, training ground for open field games as well as fine amphitheater for public speaking. Wealthy estates rested comfortably upon higher ground that had paved roads and the only area of city planning and organization.

Rydin and Dramen scanned the city for symbols of the Eye and or elven house glyphs and while they did come across a half dozen said Eye ‘locations’ only one bore both the Elf symbol as well as the symbol for the Eye.

Abbott Emsin

After some deliberation we decided to land in the amphitheater and after speaking with a couple officers of the peace we made our way to the temple noted for the duel elf and Eye symbolage to meet Abbot Emsin.

The Temple of Knowledge and Creation had a dome that functioned as a telescope for the seekers of knowledge to track the Evening Isles course across Earth’s oceans, a hobby Syrendross started since the beginning of his quest on the Isles.

When we catch up to the Abbot, he and a half dozen scribes were tending to the care of the hundreds of scrolls entombed in the lower level for preservation. This fascinates us especially after learning a recent event altered the islands course across the planet. We know that event being the breach we closed not too long ago.

We donate all the magic items recovered from the Monk (Agent of Tiamat) as a donation to the cause (9,000 gp total value). The Abbot invites us back tomorrow for a private meeting with his professor colleagues as well as VIPs at the next full assembly in two days.

He speaks of the Landing after the question of magical materials is asked and directs us to Charmichaels when asked about Kasil.

Charmichael’s proved to be a stone structure similar to a longhouse but with a high-end flare with public and private common rooms as well as single or suites for single evening or longer stays. The food was fine and the expense low as we ease ourselves round a companionable table. We find blind Kasil deep in his cups being tended to by the friendly but quiet Chumly.

After following the blind man into the restroom Dramen introduces himself where the boy-wizard realized Kasil was too inebriated to speak to us regarding large subjects like the Ways. “Viralla said to look for you, we need you clear.” After sobering up and another trip to the john the old elf was at last ready to speak intelligibly.

Dramen did most of the talking however each of us had something to add when speaking about the Ways. At first he was at a disadvantage but he spoke frankly after formal introductions, his experience when traveling the Ways.

We talk of our journey and defeat of Tenebris and our fear that the collapse of the transitive pocket dimensions will equate to more evil unleashed upon the Isles. He relays his travels through elemental fonts… except the last journey whereby he was evasive in the details but it was the return jaunt that blinded him and he was under an oath to never reveal the reason for the journey.

The blind man speaks of his travels to Shadowgate populated by many drow.  Kasil believesthat the cost of travelling the Ways is energy dispersed to the source.  Some magic is, instead of dispersed, are changed, sometimes for the worst as it was explained his magical eye item was what contributed to his blindness. Kasil also mentioned that there were individuals collecting information on the Evening Isles in Shadowgate during his time there and mentions the drow Yathizar as an acquaintance. Before his blindness Kasil revealed himself to be a Shadowdancer who utilized the slow rate of time in Shadowgate to help clients complete magical items. 

During our discussion, Rydin Meirdarel experienced a realization that earth was once a pocket dimension in the ways.  From that realization he surmisess\that the other quasi dimensions have the potential to become worlds as well.  The Avatars know that should a dimension become become advanced enough and choose to civilize they could begin the process of becoming a world or joining a plane.  The dimensions that are breaking down do not have the features to give the realm substance and thats why they begin to break down
Cothar the Truenamer

It soon became clear that our knowledge equaled Kasil's. When asked if he knows anyone else with information on the Ways Kasil directed us to the Landing and a feared individual named Cothar. This referral came with a warning that Cothar will use us to his own ends. The blind man knows him as notorious and a seldom seen Truenamer.  Rydin Meirdarel explained to the party that the effect Kasil witnessed Cothar use was a 9th level spell Unname. When the conversation wanes we learn that when it comes to the elven kingdom, Kasil considers the Moshea family as the cause for the rift between the elves and half elves.  All but Dolgrin socialize deep into the night enjoying the entertainment and securing a room for the night. We begin next session the next morning (day 134).


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