Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Three Tomes of Crystal

Ferrum Vigmatto
Three ancient tomes crafted in crystal, masterworks of priceless value were placed on the table in front of the six elves Ferrum Vigmatto had gathered.  Ferrum himself paced around the table of his seated guests allowing them to marvel at the books, none being so bold as to touch.

"I'm sure you have wondered why I have called you here.  Last year I'm sure you remember, the three sisters presenting and revealing themselves in Miraq's court?" Six nodding heads affirmed their mutual memory, allowing Ferrum to continue, "During their speech, the sisters each claimed that their coming and virtues could be found in our ancient tomes, if only any of those tomes had survived.  Well my friends, I knew at that moment that despite the ancient tomes enormous cultural value, I must risk damaging them and see if could confirm the sister's claim."

Ferrum paced around the table now, his passions taking him as he spoke, his voice growing louder, "These tomes were taken from the great temple by my father during the initial storms of the Sundering, for all the knowledge and culture we lost, he chose these tomes as important enough to give his life returning them to our people.  Because these works were in the ancient tongue it has taken me this last year to decipher each of the tomes I have placed before you.  I will again risk these tomes to allow any of you to come here and decipher them, as I have, should any of you have trouble believing what I am about to tell you...the Three Dragon's lied."