Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Seeing is Believing

His elven eyes picked up on every low light glint off every facet of crystal the phantom chariot soared over in the night. Rydin Meirdarel-Seyp was lost in thought, a deep contemplation that had consumed him since his mind heard the devil's words identify his virtuous endeavor. His thoughts wafted to recall his mythic sponsors knowledge of she known as Tiamat . . .

Tiamat has very integral and natural ties to the world of ancient earth, ties that stretch back to the very formation of this place, before it was even a world of its own.  You see, then she was more re known as a devil, ruling over its first layer, in essence the door to the Nine Hells ( for that is it what it was known as then) than she was a divine ruler of dragons. She sought to claim the world as a new domain of Hell and use its conquest to launch a war to claim a second layer of Hell to rule over. But the races of elves, men, dwarves, halflings, and dozens of other races including dragons devised a plan to rob the Devils, the Demons, and the Void of Undeath of their collective victories. They decided the world could not be a world of life without a sun. A very squat, dark dwarf named Mobutu was tasked with building a fire, a sun, from a flame from each of the Nine Hells. The races of Heroes would then bind all of the unholy fires' fury within a sphere of goodly virtuous piety to contain and direct the forges of ambitions and mortal accomplishment. Naturally, Tiamat's was the first flame stolen, and through that theft the others grew subsequently easier as Mobutu learned the secrets of Hell. It was also Tiamat that realized that if she held sway over the sins the virtues hoped to contain, it would serve as her second root in the world with a Sun. That was when her plans started to change.

Snapping back, he recalled the vague tidbits his Dragon had told him of the spawn of Tiamat. The power they exerted over the rest of the world, the fact they brought the Mother of Chromatic Dragons to this world. They were just words until today. And it seemed after their inter action with a mythically gifted bone devil, Rydin was certain the sins would be using their devilish minions where their dragons could not go. It seemed just as obvious the evil dragons had been able to establish strongholds in the ways to watch the gates for weakness allowing the dragons to enter through the old roads.

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