Thursday, May 5, 2016

05/04/16 Virtues Session 42: Friendship is a Virtue

Our session begins at 3 pm on day 128. When we make our preparations to depart the border guard outpost we are temporarily delayed by what appears to be an elemental storm. Fifty mile per hour winds and chaotic lightening strikes makes travel to Ferraq Tulle impractical. Most of us take shelter but Kyras addresses; virtually confronts the dark turn in the weather when... KAZZAK!

Kyras requests answers from the minor electrical elemental. This information along with some general knowledge offered up by the border captain Eleathe, as well as from Amarisan, of the green faith, we learn that these storms are not regular/mundane occurrences but have nevertheless been happening since the Sundering approximately 800 years ago. Literal waterfalls open in the sky allowing combative elementals access to earth to do battle as one side continually defends the Evening Isles from the onslaught of evil elementals. The storm-battle rages unseen, however we and the border guards endure the resulting storm effects for the next four hours.

We mount up on Dramen’s summoned horses and begin to make our way back to the road and through difficult terrain so that by time we reach the road it was past night fall. Just as Kyras postulated about some evil evading the chaos of the elemental storm, it was then we were attacked by a corpse-thin, dark skinned, very tall night hag that had burrowed up through the ground. An enemy had washed ashore. The battle lasted mere moments with Dolgrin delivering the death blow.

The night hag was in possession of a 5,000 gp gem that seemed to be her personal foci. The magic was quickly fading but we were able to discern its nature as a heartstone and our first in-character connection to heartstones to draconic magic.

After some discussion it was agreed upon that given the late hour we should rest, Kazzak informs Kyras we are near where the ‘waterfall’ poured from the elemental storm, but before Dramen was successfully able to create a secure shelter for us to recover in, Dolgrin is warned by Lapis of a large creature approaching. Indeed, we could all eventually feel or sense its approach. Taking some necessary precautions we attack and kill what turned out to be a huge abyssal scorpion accompanied by a deadly poison swarm of demon-wasps. 

After surviving the scorpion’s death throes we are accosted by five elven riders who were also attacking the abyssal scorpion to little effect. Introducing himself was an elf named Thuiy that seemed to be the spokesman, he is accompanied by Daiv, Stras, Echrd, and Elds who was bald and had strange dark blue eyes.

They each react in a way but it was Thuiy that seemed to recognize Rydin Meirdarel as some(elf) named Echn Seyp. Rydin does his best to relay our story omitting Grebaria, the dragons of virtue and our avatar status, and adhering to our story as ambassadors traveling to each duchy in the name of the presumptive duke Melandrach Olithir. This all seem to have no effect on Thuiy who did not relent in his insistence of Rydin’s true identity- epically in the presence of the drow elf Syrendross. Nevertheless Rydin persisted. In the meantime Daiv rode for Ferraq Tulle.

We eventually come to a consensus as Dramen offers Thuiy and his riders a secure shelter over night before our travel to Ferraq Tulle. Syrendross charts the constellations in this downtime; Kyras continues his repartee with Kazzak and Dolgrin praises having a drow in the party whilst traveling in elf country.

Day 129. We wake to a small amiable meal before our short ride to the elven city. The gates to Ferraq Tulle were symbolic serving only to mark the boundary to the city of crystal spires and spiraling fortresses. It was the perfect marriage of the natural and magical earthly elements.

For Syrendross the negative flow of emotions was palpable, generations of hate focused on one drow who ironically quested for everyone’s salvation against evil- Syrendross was in fact living-saint. For Rydin, he steadfastly held to his conviction and stood with his companions in virtuous Friendship refusing to be separated even in the limits of the city. Another day passes.

Day 130. We emerge from Dramen’s secure shelter with our royal Miar Moshea outfits and an audience with an elven woman named Kalysia Rodonia and her six elven guards. People scatter nervously at her arrival. She seemed personally insulted at the mere presence of Syrendross only looking at the drow when threats made or implied. After a tense palaver it is made clear that she is to ascertain our ‘condition’ and question our true intentions. It soon comes out that we are agents of the dragons of virtue, but that did not seem to ingratiate ourselves with the elf woman.
Kalysia Rodonia
We are awarded 2,000 xp and end the session with Syrendross left behind outside the city (under the effects of a non-detection spell along with Kyras while the others are escorted into Ferraq Tulle. 

Ferraq Tulle