Monday, May 30, 2016

Many Lapis Returns

Dolgrin nodded to Barit Coinmail while signalling his agreement to Lapis.  The trio prepared themselves for the magic of the elemental font to grab hold, transporting them to the Elemental Plane of Earth.  Travel magic always made him uncomfortable, Dolgrin felt like for the briefest of moments he didn’t exist, then to be suddenly thrust into a small dark tunnel  that, were it not for the magic of his pact with Lapis, lacked air for Dolgrin to breath.  Dolgrin’s dwarven senses quickly established he was at a depth he had never before visited and yet somewhere else entirely.  Lapis started to explain to Dolgrin but was interrupted by the movement of earth around them, propelling them towards a large cavern, a chamber that soon revealed hundreds of earth elementals that Lapis introduced as his family.  Barit realized that many of the elementals were injured and began to spread his healing among them.   The cavern thrummed to the elementals vibrations filling Dolgrin with a sense of foreboding and an image of a larger group of elementals coming towards them, minutes away.
See those troops? They ain't ours
Dolgrin and Lapis raced to the peak of the earthen valley while Barit kept channeling energy and converting spells to healing for the wounded. Staring out at the massive charge of dark elementals an idea occurred to Dolgrin that his aura of good might be strong enough to draw at least some of the charging forces away from the valley to chase him, hopefully providing Barit enough time.  Lapis drew upon the earth of his home, growing in stature.  Dolgrin realized  that other lesser elementals answered Lapis call physically joining up with him, sacrificing their consciousness to merge with Lapis.  The effect increased Lapis’ size and strength.  Newly empowered, Lapis formed up into an earthen chariot, gliding out towards the charging hoard before turning to the hoards flank.  Hoping to draw their attention.  Dolgrin muttered his prayers then called upon his mythic powers of leadership to draw several other elementals, previously unaligned to their cause.  The sudden increase in numbers fooled the leaders of the dark elementals into protecting their flank, sending half their number after Dolgrin’s chariot. To Dolgrin’s great surprise they confounded their error when the rest of the elemental hoard halted their charge, waiting to see the outcome of the new battle.
For your safety, no pants!

Dark Earth Screamers tore after Doglrin aboard the Lapis Chariot, some getting close enough to feel the bite of Dolgrin’s Adamantine Waraxe.   For several long minutes they gave chase before realizing the circle Dolgrin had lead them in, driving their charge into the now healed forces of Lapis’ family.  The remainder of dark elementals that had halted their charge realized their folly too late retreating when they saw the battle was lost.  The celebration of victory was short for Dolgrin, Lapis, and Barit.  The trio stayed long enough for Lapis’ heroics to be recognized by his family, making permanent his new size, strength, and aura.  Activating his mythic powers, Dolgrin’s weapon, newly enhanced with lighting lead the Trio to a portal home. 
And Lapis is getting LARGER

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