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01/13/15 Virtues Session 35: The Execution of Fumi Laumstaucher

Henregard Firecaster
By the Builder,” The volcano dwarf warpriest of Clangeddin said under his breath as the alu demon revealed was paraded in front of the citizens of Bouvet Keep. The term expressed a combination of astonishment and disbelief. Around the warpriest scores of people shouted words of hate and phrases too vile to be repeated; from his vantage point he could see his close friend Barit standing among the heroes of virtue and most notably Dolgrin Ironshield, the paladin from Barit’s dream-vision.

The warpriest felt a surge of emotion wishing he stood by his friend when under scrutiny from the high priests of the Temple, but the warpriest fell to the weight of bureaucracy and doubt; but there was the proof of Barit’s vision- in the flesh. Tears of regret flowed down his soot-grimed cheeks and beard creating pale streaks from his brown eyes down to his red beard.

Through watery eyes the warpriest of Clangeddin, also known as Henregard Firecaster to his friends, watched Fumi Laumstaucher consign to death at the hands of the heroes and vowed to join Dolgrin Ironshield’s followership to remove the gilt of doubt against his closest friend and to discover a new religious purpose.

We begin in the midst of what will be three days of investigation into the breach in the bay; gathering information on the whereabouts of Count Keirkin; and the raids and capture of more followers of Orcus. Bards from the Northern Lights college are enlisted during this time to disseminate all manner of news and information.

We also did some research into the two ancient books gathered from the magical chest (type IV bag of holding): The Tome of Rilenia and the Spellthief’s Collection.

Of the ones that suffer the Fumi birthmark some displayed no sign of conspiracy or evil devices, though the vast majority had been reared by the cult even going by an Abyssal Orcus calendar and not this world’s.

Scrying for Count Keirkin reveals to us by way of the Admiral Nelandrach Olithir, that the Count is on a barge along the south west coast- but he is on the move.

Looking into the breach we learn that the bubble dimension that once was home to the dragon Tenebirs has reached a saturation point and was now filtering water from Earth into the breach, the elemental plane of water, and back to Earth. It appears we have a few months to act on this before the open reaches a catastrophic level.

The Tome of Rilenia contains a section of what went wrong with the Ways and the author’s concern over the unforeseen dangers. The author presumes knowledge of a ‘creator’ elven wizard in his or her references as Rilenia (a taken name not his given or truename) and a wizard mark. Information gathered from the MacCaugh later revealed that Relenia’s remains likely rest in Ferraq Tulle in Miar Moshea graveyard under the likeness of a creator wizard.
Miar Moshea
Spellthief’s Collection are ancient pirated spellfroms the formost leaders in various old-world schools of magic. The Collection mentions Myrddin Og and the MacCaugh’s as well as other prestigious wizards in their field. It also had various wizard marks the Spelltheif collected.

Dramen uses a contact other plane to answer a question: will the rod of cancellation be adequate to close the breach? A: It’s a good start. Dramen furthermore contacts his host Smendric for aid; the same question was posed to the Traveler. And while the answer was very similar- it was a good start- it also came with a warning that closing the breach would draw undesirable attention from someone or something… There were locations shared between the host and avatar on Earth as well as below the waters.

Then a question was poised about Shar’s abyssal son. The Monitor’s son is the result of a dark drow god’s revenge against Shar’s hubris. Alicia depression resulting from the many miscarriages and still births drove her towards necromancy to bring about an offspring she so desperately wanted to give to her husband Shar. This venture into the dark side lead to the abyssal son we see now as an asset from the demon-web pits on loan to Orcustown.

At the end of three days came the execution of Fumi Laumstaucher preceded by formal declarations, charges against the accused and their sentence and our fellowship as administers of Boulvadian justice. Our names are also cleared as accessories to the Duke’s death. On and on it went building the anticipation of the citizens.

Dolgrin, Kotri Steelreaver, Rydin, and Syrendross participated in the executions as Dramen and Kyras summoned dire sharks in the bay to consume the cultist’s remains as they were dumped into the waters. Fumi was paraded out to great wails of hate from the populace who wanted her dead.

Rydin blasted his horn of goodness as eight blades from the four heroes of Virtue took her mortal life; although Kotri was left with a brief curse that likely bodes ill for us for the future.

Bards spread news of a bright future under Nelandrach Olithir including rebuilding the docks that will boost jobs and bring prosperity.

The Breach in the Ways
Later in the Admiral’s company we discuss our immediate and long-term intensions. He provides papers for us to take to the various duchies naming us as court officers of Bouvaldia.

The next forty-five days are spent in downtime as Dramen crafts a mythic rod of cancellation to close the breach as the rest of us occupy ourselves in other ways.

This concludes Chapter 1 of Dragon Age: Heroes of Virtue

We begin next session playing the *Followers group who are traveling to Emmerdin Pac Napiay with the lost knight of the Lynx.

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