Monday, May 9, 2016

The Swordmaster's Proof

Camaroneous Steel
Camaroneous scanned the elven home with his crystal ioun stone, a legacy gift his father Norigan bestowed upon his son over a century ago.  No one was home which suited the sword master.  Cam gave the all clear to his co-hort Vormont watching the dwarf approach the Cryssal house’s entrance.  It always seemed to take longer than it actually did for Vormont to check for traps and he was being very careful on the Cryssal’s entry. After a tense minute Vormont signaled they were clear and pressed the crystal doorway open.  The two friends knew what they were there for and began searching the Cryssal home for proof of Markalis’ treachery.

Markalis Cryssal

“Thank goodness they hire dwarves eh Cam?” Vormont chuckled back at his leader, “Took me two weeks to get her to tell me where to look for his safe.” Cam felt the tenseness of the moment drain away with at the sound of his friend’s banter, “I guess you only started counting time after you slept with her, because my wait for results was two months!” The swordmaster’s verbal joust found it’s mark, causing Vormont to focus on his task at hand, albeit while grumbling , “only takes elves ten minutes to sleep with anyone cause you got no standards.”

Twenty minutes later Vormont succeeded at opening the Cryssal’s well hidden safe, finding several parchments and a flawless diamond spindle the size of a halfling’s fist.  As soon as the safe was open, the Ioun Stone flew into orbit around Camaroneous, causing the elf to exclaim, “I have my proof now!”
Spindle of Perfect Knowledge