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05/18/16 Virtues Session 44: Advancing the Plot (Agents of Tiamat)

Our session began immediately after the events from lastweek at the elemental font; as we begin the earth elemental Lapis detects a ‘call’ from within the earth elemental font. Responding to the instance Dolgrin as well as Barit Coinmail enters the font with the hopes of reuniting in Urbport.

Now with our campaign smaller by head-count it now became practical to look for other modes of travel to the trade city, especially with Elvin riders along our road, possible drow arcanist haters with unknown intentions.

It was Dramen with the final idea of a phantom chariot to speed our way past the elves and hasten our miles to Urbport. With his unique flare Dramen was able to cart us one hundred miles in twenty-four hours avoiding attracting curiosity until we reach a shire-like glade with crystal domiciles indicating a small settlement. We investigate the settlement thinking it will advance the plot.

Who's a good boy?
On the ground Kyras notices the druidic work of possibly a blight druid or a volcano based druid that operates with ash as indicated in some of the gardens. Later finding out the ash is a boon from Wo’Kish. We find a path that leads to one of two wells where an armored griffon was refreshing itself. The creature was breathtaking and the first of its kind seen for each of us. Near this amazing specimen was a group of elves discussing the finer points of being an elf when we approached.

Our presence had an immediate effect with one elf changing into a hawk flying away the remaining two- a male (elf) named Markoth and a (elf) woman named Gabby. Both Kyras and Rydin state plainly we wish to rest awhile in good company.

Meanwhile an elf ranger recalled his magnificent griffon, Kyras attempted to compliment the rider and his mount but was oddly regarded as the ranger and griffon flew off. The presence of Syrendross was having different effects on the elves.
Elf Archer

All at once archers began to flank the group, but oddly it was Markoth who deescalated the situation indicating that ‘he’ (Syrendross) was like the others and unfamiliar with customs. Latterin, the spokesman for the archers, began to question Syrendross but it was Rydin Meirdarel, declaring his Seyp heritage, who said the drow was friend. Syrendross offered a hand in friendship to Latterin to which it was uneasily accepted. 

Later when Markoth was leading us away Syrendross immediately questioned him on what he meant by ‘the others’ and (serving truth) that the he (Syrendross) is not associated with whoever Markoth implied to the archers. Nevertheless he was not very forth coming under further questioning, he indicated a cozy place to rest our laurels and was fast to find a way for him to get out of this situation. 

We find a secluded area where Dramen can erect an invisible secure shelter, but before that Syrendross reaches out to his mythic counterpart to reflect on his first act of friendship with an elf who was not already a friend. This connection came with a glimpse of events to come.

Nine hours later- Day 133, we begin another day of riding the phantom chariot south to Urbport; however today is wrought with more sightings of flying beasts, flying dire animals, and similar dangers. More and more non-elves become evident, but it was the flashes of magic and sound of battle away from our path that intrigue us.

Upon investigation Syrendross is reminded of his connection with the Monitor and is struck with a sense of déjà-vu. The battle ahead, behind the terrain, were agents of Tiamat in disguise and in a fighting retreat with a group of elves defending a crystal burial mound later found out to be of the Tugatta family and one unrecognizable clan, but both involving a ‘magical cabal burial mound’ of some kind.

There was a female summoner, a five armed creature, a gill-man, a hobgoblin monk, and a mythic bone devil. Only the monk and the summoner were killed but not before the devil states “until next we meet… agents of virtue…” as he fled the scene; what immediately followed was a frantic race to staunch the bleeding the mythic bone devil inflicted on Syrendross; soon the bleeding stopped but it left the drow fearful of the next time the mythic bone devil appears.

Turning our attention to the elf defenders Dramen, Kyras and Rydin asks a series of questions about the mound but given the presence of the drow they were not sharing with their information. Ryras expressed interest to investigate the mound but was rebuffed. They did however tell us that this mound was not their enemy's only target, the elves said the Agents of Tiamat mentioned needing to be somewhere else tonight (probably to be detailed in a DM post later). 

Recovered from the encounter was 2,500 xp and bracers of armor +2, amulet of mighty fists +1, cloak of resistance +1, ring of protection +1, potion of bears endurance, bulls strength, cure serious wounds, 3 master work javelins, 2 alchemists fire and 223 gold.

We waste no time as Dramen brings into existence another phantom chariot to take us the last leg to Urbport where we will begin next session. 

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