Monday, April 30, 2012

The Collection

Pads of the Dread Wolf
Atal of the Unholy Glamour of Air
Coat of the Viper's Invocation of Sadness
Endless Artist's Trident of Negate Control
Future Priests' War-axe
Serene Spectre's Mandolin
Spirits' Cube of the Cowardly Master's Abjuration of Happiness
Tonic of Darkness Chains
Warhammer of the Strangler
One by one each of these curious pieces became part of Raine Wands’ strange collection. At first they were quaint conversational pieces during dinners and guild meetings; but then it became some what of a minor obsession for the man. Each item procured from a fey-born, reminded Riane of each creature used in the Machine- the magnificent Device. This of course motivated Raine to add curator to his growing list of titles and calims.

“Gratitude for your support Lady Syllia,” Syndra looked at Syllia and then to Syllia’s twins sisters. “Should something to happen to you I would not be able to live with myself.” Syndra Wands finished. She was disarmed and surprised at the bold support offered by Marus’ wife. Syllia has come to Syndra with words and promise of support in the descrete war against Blackspire Gap? What is next?

“Not at all, it was actually their idea.” Syllia said hoping to assuage any suspicion. “It is a gesture to make up for the breach of ettuquette during my wedding.”

Aymee Talmost, avatar of Sune, likewise conveyed appreciation albeit hesitantly. Making an offer of wine, Aymee addressed Syllia. “It is believed Blackspire Gap has fallen from Jarred Mallred’s control, we do not yet know the extent of the dangers contained within.”

Syllia accpepted Aymee’s offered drink and looked to Syndra, “It was not my intention to insult the people of Waterdeep, only bring some of my culture west.” She offered Syndra her best dignitary’s smile.

Moala and Omerrta Abarbrent stood quietly, patiently listening to the women and their palaver. The young women were like mirror images of each other, indistinguisable to the untrained eye. It was appearant that great pains were taken to make them seem alike - above and beyond their common ancestery, each possessing strange identical accoutrements of unknown origins.

With little contact outside the family villa, the Thayan twins seemed very forgein in both dialog and habit. “Raine supplied we with magic from his collection, he say it will lower every risk from disvocery.” Moala said in an ackward version of the high speech. “and we want to help Aunt Snydra.” Omerrta finished.

Syllia was showing now in her late pregnancy, she carefully sat down radiating a smile to hide the pain of a contraction. Aymee looked from her to Syndra, “Let us have a demonstration of your skills young ladies. You must know that before we agree, Syndra and I have to be convinced that you can function in hostile situations.” Aymee offered, carefully looking at Sylla for a reaction, but there were only polite manners.

The girls proved practiced and precise in their movements—it looked as if there was only one girl dancing in front of a mirror. The fey-brand items were handeled expertly and with dealy purpose; the twins reacted to random suprises with ease. After an impressive display of proficiency with Raine’s collection; Syndra Wands and Aymee Talmost began to plan a strategy to seize Blackspire Gap. 

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