Saturday, December 4, 2010

Egil's Contact

"I'm pretty sure he just thinks I'm part of the furniture!" the halfling chuckled.  I've seen him in the steam baths a few times, he's the only one I know of that can afford to stay here as long as I do." Myles noted. 
Myles was a fixture of the Rat's nest, having worked several jobs with Egil early in his career. By chance Egil ran into the excitable halfling in the parlour of Sunbow Mansion.  They shared a drink and spoke of their current work, Myles a member of the liquor commission and Egil mentioned his search for the swordsman Buki.  The halfling practically flew out of his chair, asking Egil if he looked like this and so to an nodding and agreeing Egil. All of Egil's efforts to find Buki only to find out he was here at the same brothel.
"Who is Buki spending all his time with Myles?" The halfling made a disgusted face and said of all the women he could be with, he chose the madame of the house, Daphne Kellington.  Egil finished his drink and excused himself from the halfling.  He felt a tinge of guilt knowing that he should hurry back to Sun Commodities immediately with the news but unfortunately for them, he had paid for his evening's entertainment before learning the news.  Egil would report on Buki on Monday, he wouldn't be going anywhere.

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