Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Crossed Swords & The Players’ Court (PLAYA!)

When the young toughs of the Rain of Blades Academy & the School of the Winter Blade are not dueling on the bridges of Rockhammer Square, they are fighting here, at the juncture of the Rat’s Nest’s two widest lanes. At any given time, two or three academy swordsmen are lounging here, itching for a fight. Guard patrols are never far away, though they interfere only to prevent fatalities.

At the intersection of five of the Nest’s meandering lanes is the Players’ Court, so named for the daily, heated games of cards & dice played here. The area is popular with rogues and bards looking to relieve the dandies of a few coins. Guard patrols linger in the area, often bribed to act as muscle for the confidence men.

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James said...

Tamros said that some of my territory fell into the Rats Nest, does this include the players court? If so I'll have to monitor any and all roguish activities.