Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tales from the Underwriter's Guild

“I know Raptorans can fly here from there but then everyone would see just how many are coming” Dambode disgustedly explained to his aide, “I have no desire to inform the public of our new additions! Nor am I interested in what makes things easier for you or any of the ship captains!” Dambode turned his back on his aide and walked up the rear steps from his office upstairs to Deidre’s office. Dambode was careful not to step on the middle of the stairs to avoid any tell tale sounds of his ascent. Arriving at the top of the stair he patiently waited and listened at the door. In all his time working for Deidre he had yet to figure out if Samsa was her lover but he was always there and had never liked Dambode. His ears revealed nothing but garbled conversation so he gave a short rap to the door and waited for his invitation to enter. Samsa called for him to come in and he pushed open the door to Deidre’s office. The grey haired warrior stood by the window looking out into the afternoon bustle, the office in its standard state of disarray, papers and ledgers spread out all over, shelves filled to overflowing with paper weights and other gifts of office. Deidre was seated behind her cluttered desk, looking through its drawers, disinterested in Dambode’s arrival. For someone whose term was ending as head of the Underwriter’s Guild, his boss had yet to pack a thing.

“Guildmistress Deidre we have confirmed their numbers greatly exceed our agreement, there seems to have been some confusion in our exchange rates.” Dambode explained, quickly hurrying onto the rest of his report before Deidre could launch into her latest diatribe against the treacherous Money Changers. “We need to find someplace or multiple places that can handle the two hundred additional troops. Shall I work on this development or do you have a suggestion in mind?” To Dambode’s surprise Deidre smiled at him, replying, “This isn’t a complete surprise Bodie.” Her use of his nickname made him stiffen but he kept his composure as she continued, “I have some favors to call in with the Liquor Commission as well as a few others, I’ll handle this particular problem.” She then nodded at Samsa who left the room.

“Dambode, I have several reports here on your rudeness and the firings of many mercenary guards. One note claims that you are going to put everyone out of work. Do you want the particulars or do you acknowledge what I say to be true?” She asked with a smirk.

“The reports are true Guildmistress.”

“Keep up the good work, I need the attention on you. “ She stood and shook his hand which Dambode was surprised to discover had a gem in it. “This is a bonus Dambode, I know you aren’t a fool and can put two and two together. I want you to know how much I value your work and how big a part you’ll play in our future.” Deidre returned to sitting, quickly going back to her search of the desk and Dambode knew he was dismissed. As he returned to his office along the back stair, he stared at the gem she had placed in his hand, a diamond of considerable size and value. Dambode was sure now that the Guildmistress would be making her move this winter. He admired the diamond and prayed he was on the winning side.

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robm1171 said...

Huh, seems this winter will be unusually active