Friday, December 3, 2010

12/1/10 Review

Early Friday we met briefly with Egil who reported on the progress, or lack of, in the hunt for Buki. Egil was not pressing hard but had some word left with Seafoam. Also local rumor was that Driftdown potentates were involving themselves in retrofitting stolen ships and selling them for profit and that there was some kind of fracture in the hierarchy of territory control in the Driftdowns. We asked Egil to look into bounties.

9am. We presented our plan to Raice, Claret and Larratia Pauchard to stow them away on our new acquisition: the Black Kraken. With little choice, they submitted to being flown to the Driftdowns and to where we hoped to find the ship. Upon arrival we discovered an alarming activity boom. Scores of ships were systematically being brought in over the past week and it would seem this would continue on for many more days. An influx of people and goods were making their arrival after a long journey. A five-year navigational cycle was coming to fruition here and now.

A notable new feature was the appearance of a new race of flying humanoids: Raptorans.

After learning the Black Kraken had not been given berth, we headed out to sea with our companions to rendezvous with them before they made dockside. Enroute we discovered many magical anomalies including some magic dead area that was later discovered were created by some sea creature.

When the Black Kraken came into view we felt a strong draconic presence emanating from it. There was a dragon on board, mayhap more than one. Icy, slush surrounded the Black Kraken as we approached. We hailed and had words with one Captain Nero Pence and his first mate a Halfling named Me-ho. Nervous and evasive in our palaver, he reluctantly agreed to ask ‘the Mistress’ if we could be seen, since we flew all the way out here- Vercel had a proposal.

Accompanied by two large statuesque bald, shapely men- Lady Invidia, who had the air of her own icy beauty, arrived upon a floating cushion. We were immediately greeted by a feral feeling of appraisal and prowess. The deck had been cleared as a precaution in the presence of such magic between our two groups.

Invidia spoke of growing influence and staking a claim in Stromhaven, overall she was too good to spend much time speaking to us. Nevertheless, she agreed to allow the addition of Raice, Claret and Larratia to the crew and we would see to it that the Black Kraken would be docked sooner than the three days it was now faced with. With that chore behind us we returned to the Driftdowns to meet with Pryor Lanski the Harbor Master.

11am. Pryor agreed to bringing in the Black Kraken as soon as first thing tomorrow (Saturday) because he needed laborers. A discretionary fee of 300 gold was paid and we got assurances that only friendly dock hands would work this dock #103. We would have this berth all winter, no inspections, no questions and no hostiles. We would also fashion watermarks for the berth as well.

Noon. Durg has a luncheon and meets with Tamros (who believes Kallistrate is involved in blackmarket watermarks). Vercel familiarizes himself with water. Jaren oversees the progress on the renovations- then spell research. Auge begins basic religious studies at Twilight House- then lab to create four Auran Masks.

Early Saturday we went back to the Driftdowns to receive Lady Invidia, but she would have none. Her brood was seen unloading her cargo. Spending as little time as possible in the Driftdowns we returned Upside and ended the session with Durg and Vercel traveling to the Fox Run and Jaren and Auge busying themselves with spell research and alchemy.

On the calendar: Sunday, nothing. Monday, Gin & Sandi Habib tour the building. Next Saturday (one week from when we ended the session), Captain Pryor diamond trade with Vercel.


Gordzilla said...

Durg and Vercel met six elves at Fox Run, security for House Seawillow. They were practicing Shot on the Run and spoke quite harshly about the social castes in the Nobel Quarter.

Gordzilla said...

I'm also under the impression that the diamond trade with Captain Pryor was completed.

James said...

Vercel didn't have the weapons at the time to complete the deal. It was put on the calendar for the trade and so Pryor could visit the tavern- which we have yet to name btw.

robm1171 said...

I have also learned that Kallistrate's house is under someone else's influence and have gone back to the lair to get any help I could to try and overcome said influence. I will be meeting w/ Kallistrate's son at the Worthy Gate in the Noble's Quarter. Once at Kallistrate's home, after gauging the scene, I will attack Kallistrate.

robm1171 said...

awesome pic of Lady Invidia, btw