Friday, December 31, 2010

12/29/10 Review

Early Friday morning we awoke to elusive dream-like feelings of likely divination upon us that we all agree failed during our sleep. As we stir and prepare for the day, it is agreed that the tavern be called The Dragon’s Hoard and the building proper, the Cinder Block.

4am. A recon of the Sunbow Mansion- their busiest time of the day- uncovers the presence of capable and alert house guards and many patrons. Talk of a plan commences in regards to going in and actively searching for Buki or mayhap drawing him out. We decided on the later. Jaren forges a Sevens document with an application of exquisite kiss to draw him into the open and therefore within our weapon’s reach.

Meanwhile Versel and Durg keep watch for activity at the Sunbow Mansion whereby they observe two house guards and three other armed individuals who later, we discover are Knights of the Wave. A name of Rothwell was overheard.

5:30am. We retreat to the worthy gate while Durg and Auge stakeout the Edana Estate in hopes of one or the other of pair of us spotting Buki. The Edana Estate was busy with laboring activity.

8am. Back to Sunbow where we were waived in by house guards who proved friendly enough to inform us that a group of individuals were looking for us. Splitting up Durg and Auge wait outside while Versel and Jaren are invited into the Mansion and held palaver at great length with the manager on duty about Buki and how to address our need for a confrontation.

8:30am. Continued watch for Buki yielded nothing so we head to see Obadiah to explain our progress regarding the traitorous assassin. Conversation leads to what happened to the Edana clan and his sudden outrage about what we claim transpired. Obadiah quickly assembles a spellguard strike-team to investigate immediately while he assembles the Council.

10:30am. Following the spellguards and through their magics Durg and Auge see that the Whites are somehow maintaining the ruse that the Edanas are alive and that all is well within their Estate. The spellguards say they will investigate but Auge sees that their disposition towards the Edanas is being magically swayed to be more agreeable.

Noon. On our way to the Driftdowns we observe many victims of pirates at sea and burning ships, eventually we meet up with Captain Pryor who tells his tales and experiences of the Evening Isles and the Volcano landmark that remains. After our talk we encounter Godin and warn him to stay away also warning Pryor of Godin as well. Seeing our assets safe we make our way to the Crumpled Playbill where we meet Elcorn, a Tiefling bard. Jaren and Elcorn hit it off immediately and make arrangements for entertainment for the Dragon’s Hoard and auditions for such to be held in one week. Our meeting with Elcorn was cut short by harassing tactics of the Whites and a warning for us to keep to our agreement….

2pm. Return to the Cinder Block where we find a Volcano dwarf-smith from the Evening Isles, waiting to do business with Jaren and to, looking for shop space. 25,000 for two stoves and six months rent.

We begin next session the next day, Saturday.

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