Monday, December 6, 2010

Tales of Recent Arrivals

Govannon Gennadiy grabbed the scroll from the messenger, hastily opening it and read its contents in a remarkably short amount of time.  He hastily scribbled a note upon the same scroll, sealed it with a wax seal and paid the messenger to take it Brix at the Lifter's Guild.
After dismissing the messenger Govannon turned his gaze back to his guests, "The crafter has arrived, we will not be ready until he proves his skill with his first creation." Govannon provided all three of them with a knowing conspiratorial look when the other two weren't looking.  His skills as a mimic were always improving.  "As investors you three alone will be able to market and sell his creations, which I assure you are beyond the normal abilities of anyone else in Stormhaven."
After further discussion, his guests departed, pleased with the latest developments, completely unaware of who they truly were dealing with.  Changing forms, Govannon awaited his next group of investors.