Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Message from Tamros to Jaren Delivered on Wednesday while working

Lesser on the left, greater on the right.

I assume by now your brother's have discussed my offer.  Frankly I need a skilled wizard and can't risk it being someone not in our organization.  Your territory would be the Black Crown and by that alone you could easily rise into one of the most important members of the LC. Because your position could become so important, we need a show of strength to solidify your standing among us.  As I am the leader of a profit making enterprise such as ours it is important that I enact measures that keep us ahead of the competition, one step in front of fate even.  It is because of this responsibility that I utilized several diviners prior to the arrival of so many new visitors and from amongst the information gleaned, one rather valuable and pertinant bit of news was learned, namely two very valuable rods called a Rod of Blood are arriving into the city of the lesser and greater variety.  From the divners descriptions I had an artist friend of mine prepare these drawings.  I believe if you find one it should eventaully lead you to the other. Luckily for you Jaren I believe I have discovered to whom the lesser rod is to be delivered. If you recover the rod, I will be able to present you to the council and you will be sufficiently rewarded with the afore mentioned rod and I'm certain, on the path to finding the greater version as well.


robm1171 said...

Brother Jaren, you can count me in on this.

harrygoblin said...

I will count on you, and I am excited to join the Liquor Commission. As a side note, I think I might start brewing beer and ales.

James said...

That sounds awesome!