Friday, December 3, 2010

Journal Entry: Durg

5,000 gold for death, a severed arm and a ring. This is what Tamros has offered me to kill Kallistrate Edana, the spellscale transmutor. Is the gold worth siding with a dwarf against a dragon-kin? Brother Jaren has stated that this game we live, this game of thrones, is not a game of halves. We either make enemies or allies, there is no middle ground. And in the end, aren't our allies just enemies we openly work with, all the while watching for any suspiscious movements? Ah, well. The die is cast. The dwarf is an ally, for now. And Kallistrate... Kallistrate is dead.

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Gordzilla said...

I love this picture! and thank you for clarifying whether you would be attacking her or not:)