Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tales of The Gentlemen's League

“Fighting academies and martial donjons are not the only sources of swordsmen and show fighters in the Rats Nest. We have already seen some of the local pub fighters, and an ample supply of competent (?) personal security. But I have uncovered a different group of blades men, almost exclusive to the Rats Nest. They are an “underground” culture that follows and surrounds a group known as The Gentlemen’s League. There are about 20 members. Some are martial students, but most are known as dandies, the decadent young adults of the minor nobility. Members of the league earn a breast pin, that are often adorned with ribbons as tokens, as proof of membership by winning a challenge duel in front of 3 of the 4 fencers known as the Gentlemen’s Court. {Each of these blades men has at least 1 level in the prestige class duelist}. Only these 4 Gentleman Judges can award the pin that shows membership.”

“The four Judges are:

1) Elar Dolin, of the East Isles Trading Company. Elar is a bard, and a sailor originally from the Evening Isles. He has won the most duels since they’ve been keeping track. He is rumored to have struck riches as a pirate, and retired here off his plunder. He has no retinue, apprentices or the like.

2) Aramis, a specialized sea ranger who works the shuttle boats between Stormhaven and the shipping exchange islands. He is the most popular Judge, with the largest entourage and the most apprentice duelists. He is perhaps most famous for his talking parrot animal companion.

3) Althainis Silverleaf, a ½ elf with a small gang of dandies, but few additional followers. He has a water priest of some sort in his gang.

4) Anya Rowen, of Dahmoll, a woman, with a small gang, and a few followers of the group.”

There is also an up-and-coming blades man named Aser Kumlok. He is a tiefling, rumored to be deadly quick. Is most likely going to be the next to join the League, and he has been promised a challenge duel soon, very soon. Anya is the Judge said to have offered her sponsorship to arrange the bout.”

“The Judges don’t regularly travel together, or even patronize the same places, but if they call a meeting between the 4 of them, it is usually at the Dragons Breath, and it is usually just the 4 of them, without the retinues.”

The other half-dragons nodded and listened. Durg the Wise was the first to speak

“This sounds like a good group to get interested in our club”

“ I cant help but wonder if the tiefling wouldn’t make an excellent house fighter, especially if we could arrange for his challenge fight for our club” Jeren replied.

They all agreed it was something to think about as they headed to the kitchen to eat some roasted pigs.

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robm1171 said...

Meeting w/ these gents shouldn't be too hard. Leave a note at the Dragon's Breath, and they should get it.