Thursday, December 9, 2010

12/8/10 Review

Our session began early Sunday morning where it was evident throughout the Upside that Sunday is the most common day off. Lifters guild is at half staff and house guards are at a weekly low because it is assumed that house members are at home and that the need for heightened security would not be necessary.

Durg had an errand that needed to be completed so he enlisted the help of his capable brethren. Approaching the Worthy gates we came across Youvalan, a human spellcaster accompanied by two spell-scale children as well as some men-at-arms, who were quite irritated about being recently fired from their guard duties. The two younglings insisted that their mother, Kallistrate Edana, was ensorcelled and somehow in love with a man named Fascino who recently arrived to Stormhaven with dangerous icy creature-guardians. Youvalan claimed his divinations revealed Kallistrate’s unusual behavior and that she was in danger- he was here to help; we were here to kill her.

After some brief preparation we broke off from the younglings and flew to an upper balcony that let to a multi-chambered bedroom suite. Battle ensued with an ice devil, winter wolves and a half dragon ice-elemental monk who eventually fled from us.

Once the immediate threat was in retreat we discovered a gruesome scene in the suite as well as an individual, Garendale Finch(Director of the Sky-High Orchestra) in another suite. After gathering 1500 gold in miscellaneous valuables we were directed to the receiving room on the lower floor, where orc-blooded guardians called  Urgal and an ice-fey (Yukionna) were waiting for us. More battle ensued before we opened the receiving room doors and discovered many more opponents waiting for us.

Jaren castled Kallistrate and after a few tense moments, we were allowed to leave with our lives and Kallistrate, provided we destroyed her. Such was our task in the first place.

We were awarded 2000 xp. When we begin next session, we will be outside the Edana estate with the matter of Youvalan to deal with.


Gordzilla said...

I went in and corrected spellings on names, good review. Thank you.

James said...

Cool, thanks