Friday, December 3, 2010

Journal Entry: Versel

After checking out the Hunt club, Durg went alone to his lunch date. I decided to check in at Twilight house. While there I informed Master Arkielle of the status of the Black Kracken, that it was docked #103 & the conditions of getting it in a few days ahead of schedule. He was grateful for the news since apparently he has been awaiting a delivery of his own from the ship.

He then showed me a most interesting robe the house had recently acquired. Fine black silk trimmed in red. Red runes on the cuffs & collar radiate a strong magic aura. Even though several of the other monks were interested he knew that my desire for such an item would be great. He facilitated the trade using my armor and some misc coin & gems to acquire my new robe.

When I wear the robe (that fits me more like a long jacket) I feel empowered. More alert & more powerful, I feel the need to test the enhancements of this garment. Perhaps I will go looking for a bit of sport this evening.

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Gordzilla said...

I love the second picture for the robe, it should have an oriental dragon theme.