Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Return message to Tamros from Jeren

I am very interested in your offer, and I appreciate your frankness. It is obvious that we could be very successful business partners, but I do have a few questions.

When you say that I will "have" a territory, what does that mean? Will I have to tribute to maintain position? What responsibilities will I incur by claiming a territory? How many people will I have to answer to? If I join, will it preclude joining other guilds or associations?

As you can see, there are many details to work out. You can answer by message or by person at our tavern hall, where I will be working on expanding "Neutral Grounds", our new fight club. Evening dinner hour is the best time to catch me.

Post Script: Do you brew ale or beer? I have developed an interest in home brewing!!


Gordzilla said...

The Liquor Commission operates under the same rules of charter that the Black Crown enjoys, not a guild or House and yet we will grow to even a greater power. Your territory means that publicly you will be a member of this group, you may even belong to other houses such as Twilight House, but that your area of expertise and control for the LC is the Black Crown. When we need info there, we will contact you. Further if anyone else, other than myself, in the LC wishes to work business with a Black Crown member they will have to get your blessing, usually in the form of a tribute or percentage of that business. You will develop your contacts and power within that organization to provide the LC an edge, just as your brothers will be working areas of their expertise. You will have to report to the LC council when we gather as to your current workings and any new details or information, letting the council know about current business prospects and problems. That said, it will be your territory and other council members will report on their territory, business and problems at the same council meetings. As the head of the LC and the council everyone answers to me but you and your brothers are being offered leadership positions within our organization, joining from the ground floor as we grow into power. You will have access to other officers of the council and information. Eventually we will have our reach extend into every corner of Stormhaven, allowing us to maximize profits and potential. As to your last question, I will have to show you our brewery. The liquor commission’s public face is as the pre-eminent supplier of all beer and alcohol. This does not please the Black Crown by the way, as they have cornered the food market and until my arrival and growth considered booze and ale a part of their service.

Gordzilla said...

Response is from Tamros