Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Secrets of Waterdeep Society

De'Naire Pruhl chose a corner table for two that was dimly lit. The experienced con man from Luskan was a confident man by nature, but tonite he could barely contain his excitement. Though the Dock Ward was not particularly visited by nobility, The Hawk and Crow was a large establishment notorious for clandestine meetings of secret lovers. There were more than a dozen entrance/exits and it was easy for a cloaked visitor to come and go unseen. The notorious rogue had finally convinced Lady Selene Sussuruss to meet in a romantic tryst this very night. She was married, but to a meek man who seemed to obey her every command. He had been pursuing her for several months, and was sure he had uncovered her secret- he believed her to be a half-dragon in one of the Cults of Waterdeep. It would certainly explain the large hoard of jewels she kept and wore every where she went, and the rumors of her strange skin condition. well tonite was his first chance at ALL those jewels, and he was ready for action. With his scroll of protection from dragon breath to protect him, his victory was almost assured should violence break out.

Lady Serene could smell the death of her next conquest before she left her manor. "That fool De'Naire thought he had things all figured out, that smug bastard" she mused to her self as she prepared for the night of mayhem she had planned for months. The only thing she hadn't decided was whether or not she would take physical pleasure with the fool before she took his life.

She could see he was anxious as soon as she walked in to the famous debauchery den. As for him, he could never remember actually wanting her so badly for more than her jewels. The closer she got to him, he realized his nostrils were filled with her scent, and she looked liked she wanted to eat him alive. After a few rushed liquors, the wily con man was giddily chasing his prize to a private room. He wasted no time in disrobing the both of them, and as he forced her to the bed beneath him, he was horrified to see the mass of serpents suddenly appear where lustrous hair had just been. Looking into the eyes of Lady Serena was the last mistake the infamous rogue ever made, as his skin turned to stone from his feet up to his head leaving a very confused looking statue with a raging boner.

As Serena quickly gathered the stock of magic items that Pruhl always had with him, she safely tucked away the prize that cost Pruhl his life - a magic hat of disguise. The ring of protection +3, magic sword, Amulet of life protection and bracers of armor made the the whole set up a fantastic haul - her best ever. As she blew weak fireballs all about the place and smelled the charred flesh and wood fill the air, she made her escape from the secret meeting that no one knew about, and left the fire that no one survived. In fact, so intense was the heat of the flames, the only thing that was not destroyed was a strange erotic statue.


Gordzilla said...

Ok, never again can you post on the blog directly before or after your German Porn! LOL

Russ said...

That's HOT!

James said...

In it's place after the raging blaze, was built another tavern of questionable repute called the Bowels of the Earth tavern.

robm1171 said...

Bordane: So THAT'S what happened to the Hawk and Crow! Huh, to the mysterious Arsonist, my most humble apologies, I guess.

harrygoblin said...

Actually, Bordane, I thought lore revealed a little bit about the mysterious, uncaptured Arsonist.