Thursday, March 25, 2010

Azur's Rebellion

The Nine stepped forth to answer Azur's call

The last year's fallen wheeled out before all

Presenting the gift his dead hands held a year

A gem of power that drew all monster's near.

Receiving the curse, an Agundar of power

The Nine turned to face the challenge of the hour

None before had ever survived

Yet this day the bearer left the arena alive

After years of challenge the proprietor had grown lax

having provided no protection for the crowds who paid tax

And upon the initial creature's release

Chaos poured out into Waterdeep's streets.

Frog like creatures leapt into the crowd

Swamp bog creatures should not be allowed!

The Nine carried forth fulfilling their oath.

The Agundar survived his opening boast.

Now none can say that no one's survived

The Company of the Nine actually thrived.

A shamed Brokengulf who profited from curse

Risked the lives of those watching to fatten his purse

The Nine's honored challenge bringing them fame

The politician in hiding seeking to lay blame

The people step forward, they know what is right!

Let the Nine hold the challenge and make the Brokengulf Fight!


Russ said...


James said...


Gordzilla said...

This is the song the bards and Damian worked up from everything we discussed.

As a reminder payment of information on the William device comes in 50g, 100gp, or 200gp payments depending on the vaule of the information.

harrygoblin said...

This song is also known as "Brokengulf can suck it" and just to be clear, I offer to stand with Damien against any foe the Brokengulf thinks he can command to fight for him, or any number of the otherwise noble Brokengulfs who would stand with this mis-spoken politico.

robm1171 said...

Bordane: I think you've made yourself exceedingly clear, my cavalier friend. Funny, when our only experience with a Brokengulf was with the sage, I thought well of the family, overall. Now, I'm more willing to take them on a case-by-case basis.

harrygoblin said...

I'm not quick to judge any of the other Brokengulfs, but those that defend Morus's words are certainly suspect in my book, and those willing to stand against any of The Nine must talk their way past my defending blade first.

James said...

(Griffith) Our first noble rival, from a Company perspective. Let heads roll!

(Eden) I'm sure my Pa will be at our defense if the case should arise.

(Briar) I hope the Griffin's are ok.

(Chadwick) I will match your payments to the Bards Damian! Let not violent death be on their lips but, Azar's Rebellion!