Monday, March 1, 2010

The history of the Maerklos brewery

The following events took place 20 years ago.

Arrabas Snome had taken pride in his home brew. Sure his father had brought the recipe back from the far east, but the ingredients he used where local. Even though his family imported drink from all over the realms he always felt his was the best. Winning the award for best original ale at the Green Grass festival 3 years running proved that. The family contract with Fellowship of innkeepers which guaranteed his ale in every pub in Waterdeep was his crown jewel.

Koris Maerklos loved the drink. He had started a modest brewery that was beginning to turn a profit. He had even managed to place second last year in the Green Grass competition. On one of his many drinking trips he stumbled across a familiar drink. Snomes finest turned out to be a duplicate of an eastern ale. He brought back samples and the recipe along with a plan. He waited until the day of the festival, knowing that Snome's was a lock for first he presented the evidence to the judges. Since his ale was not original Arrabas was immediately disqualified. Further more since he had lied to the Fellowship for so long they ruled he was banned from the competition for life and the family was stripped of there contract.
The public humiliation along with massive financial losses affected Arrabas. He broke down and began loosing touch with reality. He blamed Koris and the whole Maerklos family for his humiliation and condition. He vowed one day to have the greatest ale in the realms and would make Koris suffer.


Arrabas Snome and Koris Maerklos are both deceased. Even though there is not direct conflict between the family's, there is still a bit of bad blood. They are fierce competitors in Waterdeeps ale market and both export vast amounts of ale in an effort to become a household name and #1 ale distributor along the sword coast and the north.

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James said...

The Ilzimmer family has announced that a fine Maerklos brew will be featured at the Equestrian Ball this year.