Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Goram was captured at a young age, taken from his tribe and forced to serve an eccentric wizard. Quickly reaching 16’ tall and blessed with incredible strength he was an ideal servant / protector. The unknown wizard performed some harmless experiments on Goram even permanently turning his skin a pale shade of blue. The wizard paranoid of death created an amulet that would allow his mind to be safely stored inside should his body be slain. The amulet a large gold disk with an open eye in the center always fascinated Goram. Although he was a slave his master always made sure he was well fed and had a clean dry place to sleep. He took comfort in the fact he didn’t have to fight for his survival day in and day out. Over many years they slowly began to respect each other as a master and student. Goram learned the human language, how to read and write, and some of the basic philosophies of magic.

After 8 years of slavery Gorams hill giant tribe finally caught up to the wizard. While Goram was out hunting his tribe avenged the wrongs of that day so long ago. With mixed emotions Goram took the amulet as a keepsake of his former master and wears it to this day.

Having trouble reconnecting with his kin after such a long absence, Goram strayed from the tribe and wanders the northern regions. Praying on small caravans and random creatures unfortunate enough to cross his path he keeps an open eye for signs of his masters return.

Amulet of life protection: The wearer is protected from magic jar spell or any similar attack that would usurp the wearers body. If slain the wearers psyche enters the amulet and is protected for seven days. Thereafter it departs to it’s original destination. Should the amulet be destroyed during the seven days the psyche is utterly and irrevocably annihilated.


harrygoblin said...

Butch - Thats a great "misunderstood giant" tale. It almost seems like the right group could recruit him if they were willing to give him a place to belong.

James said...

(Briar) Sounds like a tragic faerie tale. :)