Sunday, March 21, 2010

Curtain falls on Azar's Challenge

The four robed men; Baerom Thudnerstaff, Morus Brokengulf, Ardolan of Azuth and Huld Bellabranta regard you gravely as your conversation ebbs under the Field of Triumph. Then finally, “We have the names of the dead, sir.” Says a man from the door; his tunic, stained with the black ichor of giant frogs, blood on his hands and his face bruised a sick yellow. “There were about a dozen with minor injuries. The clerics of Sune have offered their aid and they are on the mend, but two… individuals were too bent and broken to be saved. They did not die well I’m afraid… sir.” The man continued to say while not looking at any Company members, only the four.
Baerom regards Damian closely and asks the visitor, “What are their names?”
“Lyle and Lucine Roaringhorn, sir. They became trapped in the baignoire when the attack came. They were only children. They came to see the Stakes champion Tauron.” His speech breaks, as he reports the bloody scene.
The four robed men all exchange looks and turn to the Company, “The Roaringhorn’s are a well liked family in the city and they are known and trusted information brokers,” replies Baerom. A dark pall falls over the room. “They will have the sympathy of the city, regardless of the particulars of the past hour.”
Ardolan adds, “The words ‘violent death’ will be on the lips of all Waterhavians to be sure.” His words brief and articulate that of a learned man.
“You are excused.” Morus commands the messenger. But before he departs he leaves a box of items covered in blood and gore, “The contents of the giant frogs, sirs.” And with that, he leaves closing the heavy door.
“You winnings.” Huld says, emotionless in tone.

In a coffin that formerly held the body of last years Jewel-bearer:

Wand of Magic Missiles (CL5)
Candle of Invocation (Evil- BANE)
Handy Haversack w/ Dire Hyena (from a bag of tricks)
Oil of Profane Weapon
2 Darkvision Potions
2 Resist Energy (Cold) Potions
2 Lesser Restoration Potions
1 Eagle’s Splendor Potions
1 Cure Moderate Wounds

Onyx Pegasus Statuette (800gp)
Four Mirabar trade bars, (trade bars of black iron and shaped like rectangular spindles. 10 gp in Mirabar, 5 gp elsewhere.
Blood note token. (Hand of Bane on one side the sigil on the other)
2 Bloodstones (50 gold each)
2 Jaspers (50 gp each)
2 Empty Potion Vials.
500 gold and 50 silver.


James said...

(Wayne) Mayhap going on the Warden’s Walk would not be a bad idea now.

(Griffith) I’m with Bordane on this one, we proved ourselves competent and capable to be an adventure worthy company.

(Eden) The only thing we proved is that we are the harbingers of death.

(Chadwick) I would gamble that Father Agundar will play this up.

(Briar) I remember those two kids, don’t you Tauron? They asked to pet Rusher at least a dozen times.

Russ said...

(Eva) to Briar, Eden, and everyone else in attendance feeling guilty..... Don't feel guilty for the children this day. Twas there time, chosen by the gods for purposes we can't possibly understand. It was meant to happen so it was going to happen. Trampled during the challenge, or during the Stakes makes no difference if it's meant to be. Even if you knew what was to happen you could not have stopped it. Fighting your destiny only brings suffering onto yourself.

Grieve for them and the family they leave behind but useless is the guilt you be feeling this day. They are in the hands of the gods now pray there spirits have found the way.

robm1171 said...

Bordane: The Warden's Walk may not be a bad idea. After Azar's Challenge, I wouldn't mind being out of the city for awhile, however, the timeframe may be difficult. We, at least Damien and I, must be away to Mirabar in a month. As for the 2 children, 'tis sad however death visits Waterdeep on a daily, if not hourly, basis. I just hope the Roaringhorns keep a cool head and not try to hang this on us, whether that be the Company or us Agundars or even solely on Damien. Waterdeep does not need open fighting amongst it's noble houses.

Gordzilla said...

Baerom Thudnerstaff, Morus Brokengulf, Ardolan of Azuth and Huld Bellabranta have proven themselves to be mere politicians. If truth be told, the collector's of the beasts and holders of the event would and should be held responsible. The Brokengulf's like to brag about their family's pursuits, it is too bad they were unprepared and unable to handle the creatures they captured and they let loose. Yes Violent death will be on many peoples lips and all four of them can thank me for providing them cover to cower behind. They bragged for years over the deaths of those who attempted their challenge and now cry crocodile tears over the deaths of innocents they were suppossed to protect.

James said...

(Baerom) Welcome to Waterdeep, young noble.

robm1171 said...

Bordane: Well said, brother!!