Monday, March 1, 2010

Some history of the Maerklos & the Thunderstaff's

My mother Aldara Maerklos & Baerom Thunderstaff II attended the same school as children. They also both belonged to the same adventuring company (the Thunder Wands) in there early adventuring days. Rumors where they even dated for a short time prior to the group splitting up. I can’t say if that is true because she never brings up her time spent traveling. I think she is afraid it will give me ideas and I would take off looking for some unobtainable treasure (like that will ever happen). They stayed in touch all these years and Aldara would often give speeches in Thunder Hall.


Morgurn Maerklos & Arsten Thunderstaff II have (for the last year or so) been working together to better each families financial situation. When not teaching classes at Thunder Hall they can be found taking various jobs around Waterdeep. They and a couple other friends have managed to make a formidable adventuring group I am told. Rumor has it they where the ones who took down the Seaward Arson. I had heard the damage that arsonist did cost so much gold they put a bounty on his head higher then Butcher Boy Bills.

Baerom Thunderstaff II is the dean of Thunder Hall, the Mage School specializing in counter magic. One of the first classes required at his school is on “Building Your Resources and Conflict Preparation”. This lesson places emphasizes on building valuable contacts and equipment. As well as creating a strategy using those contacts to assure your chances of success. Morgurn lectures this class one day a week showing the value of foresight in preparation. He says he enjoys teaching, though I think he does it just to fool the wizards into think we can tell them everything they want to know. I do know we get a lot of students coming to the house since he started "teaching". Paying for information on everything from test answers to what there greatest accomplishments will be.


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robm1171 said...

Bordane: The Seaward Arson, that bastard... Eva, give your brother my thanks for bringing in this madman, if they truly did. That knave burnt down one my favorite drinking establishments, The Hawk and Crow.