Sunday, March 7, 2010

Azar’s Challenge

Poliamus Azar grew up impoverished in a small community centered within a desert oasis. As a child, he watched the caravans and immigrants traveling west and dreamed of high adventure. Once he was old enough he set out, and began an evil campaign of plunder and warfare; fleecing land owning nobles of their wealth along the Delimbiyr River.

As a barbarian warrior, he did not follow beast-totems; indeed the closest Azar came to religion was that he thought of Talos as a kindred spirit; both being vessels of chaos and destruction. As Azar grew in power he built a large, rich traveling tent-palace comprised of other barbarians, servants and many wives.

His end came about when Azar captured a young peasant named Drent. The sly young man offered Azar a cache of riches in return for his freedom. Drent did not have these riches of course, but knew where it was and could lead Azar there. The barbarian agreed, thinking he would just kill the peasant later. What Azar failed to realize was that the peasant Drent, was in fact a druid.

Deep within the eastern High Forest, Drent led the Azar into the Dire Wood- a small magical grove of black ageless trees. Within the Dire Wood lay the ruins of Karse; an outpost from the latter days of Netheril. Drent presented Azar a rune engraved stone marker set into the ground and on it was hung a jewel so exceptional that it reflected a different treasure in each perfect facet. To Azar it seemed to sing and after he put it on to claim the promised treasures- that was when the attacks came.

Jewel of Attacks

This gleaming gem radiates magic and appears to be a valuable item. It is cursed, however, and doubles the likelihood of encountering wandering monsters and the likelihood of pursuit when monsters are encountered and the individual seeks to evade them by flight. Once picked up, the jewel will always magically return to its finder, showing up in his pouch, bag, pack, etc., until the curse is removed or atonement is performed.

This magical jewel is a feature in the gladiatorial Field of Triumph. On Greengrass the event is called Azar’s Challenge; where to this day, no one has survived.

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(Griffith) Sounds like my kind of event. You with me Bordane? Damian?