Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cassalanter and Cragsmere

Ghaenn Cassalanter was a charismatic Sembian gem-cutter, known in his time as one of the greats. He was the jeweler who first worked the Eye of Kossuth gemstone of Candlekeep, the Yellow Dragon’s Heart Topaz and the five Shakira Stones of Daggerdale. He was always looking for the next unique find and rarity; and thus found himself in the prestigious gem markets of Waterdeep. At first it was selling gems as an alternative currency to large sums of gold coins, but that held no luster or excitement.

It wasn’t until luck found him in the company of Ceraso Cragsmere, an aspiring cleric of Tymora from Yartar with an infectious smile and self confidence. Together they built an empire based on Waterdeep’s only domestic export; gemstones or to be more precise- weapon and armor crystals. Mount Waterdeep is to this day home to naturally forming magical crystals that wizards and alchemists toil to craft. It was enough to set their families among the Nobility of the city.

History has conflicting accounts on whose idea it was that brought about the exile of Ghaenn and Ceraso. And to this day each family avoids the subject completely. Today, both families are members of the Society of Changers and Bankers, a guild whose axiom reads: “no theft, nor trick nor falsification.” Despite the fact that Ghaenn and Ceraso were both found guilty and sent north for the crime of price-fixing.

Ghaenn and Ceraso had pricing agreements with merchants in Sembia, weapon-smiths in Mirbar and armories in Waterdeep. Agreements that guaranteed profits for all parties for many years to come. Indeed some believe that the Happy Halls of Fortuitous Happenstance, Tymora’s temple in Yartar, was built using profits gained by Ceraso Cragsmere.

Leading the investigation back then was Endol Ulbrinter of Waukeen. His sea-trade family felt the impact the most at the time by being kept out of the crystal markets completely. Even today Ulbrinter faithful look with distain upon the presumptuous Tymoreans who take it upon themselves to hold daily merchant blessing ceremonies- a sacrament of Waukeen.

Faced with utterly no cooperation from Gheann or Ceraso’s associates- Endol happened across an unlikely solution in the investigation. It was an adventurer Bryan Kormallis (who was already looking at dungeon time for slave trading) was found in the possession of an incriminating weapon crystal on his scabbard (a clue relative at the time). “Testify and all past unlawful transgressions will be forgiven.”

A awkward twist of fortunes for Bryan, he later begins to ploy his weapon-smithy trade and still holds on to the same incriminating scabbard to this day.

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James said...

(DM) Like our home rule that Bracers of Armor can hold least and lesser armor crystals; so too can a sword scabbard hold a non-greater weapon crystal.