Monday, March 1, 2010

A Childhood Legend

One of my favorite stories when I was a kid was how the Bellabrantas got their first griffon. My father told me they were friends with a magical giant. This giant lived on a castle built on top of a cloud, and he floated all over Realms, high above where the birds fly. The giant wanted to let his friends visit his castle, but the other giants in his clan wouldn't hear of it. They argued and fussed, and eventually agreed to allow the humans to quest for the right visit the cloud castle. The first test was a test of strength. The Bella's sent out their strongest warrior, and the giants sent forth their biggest ox. The two charged each other, and with a mighty heave the bull was grabbed by the horns and forced to kneel. The next test was missile combat. The giants picked their best rock thrower, and the Bella's chose their best archer, who shot arrows made of pure adamantine. The giant threw the biggest rock he could, was set to crush the human, but when he unleashed his arrow, it cleaved the boulder in twain, and each half fell harmlessly to the sides of the archer. In the final test they called a giant eagle, and challenged the Bella's to command a ride from the gentle beast. This time a beautiful fey touched woman stepped up and smiled sweetly. Whispering softly, she produced a fish, and whispered to the bird, who bowed her head and one graceful wing. The lady proudly claimed the eagle had agreed to let her provide fish for her eaglets, and she was off to do so. She returned an hour later, by which time the friendly giant had made gifts of trained, loyal griffon to the Bellabrantas, so they could visit his castle whenever they wanted.


James said...

Keeps with their farietale-like history. Nice!!

James said...

(Briar) I love to hear you retell the tail.

(Griffith) :rolls eyes: