Monday, April 2, 2012

Tauren's Ministry

In the Heroes Gardens, where adventurers meet and struggles for divine aspects have already played out, I shall begin to lay claim to Glory. I shall extol the epic battles that we as Samular have endured and conquered. Warriors and bards alike will be drawn to my tales and boasts of glory, and they will listen and share tales of their own. But they will also re-tell the tales they hear. On this day, my ministry will detail the slaying of the dragon-turtle in one on one combat. I will also reminisce and tell of our glorious defense of Secomber as we slayed a draconic onslaught of blues. I will proclaim loudly of the treacherous Brokengulfs harboring an evil white dragon within Waterdeep and the Agundar led Samulars defeating the beast just before it could be released upon the streets of the Sea Ward and Waterdeep at large. I will declare Tymora a living goddess and miracles are being .performed in her name at the Temple of Luck. I will declare myself the focus of BattleLuck and Glory.

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