Friday, April 20, 2012

Undermountain: Day 3 (From the Temple to Giller’s Apothecary)

Exploring the remaining maze of halls and rooms of the lost Temple of Bane brings the Samular Seven to a room where three frost salamanders nested and guarded a pair of eggs. The battle was also fought against several mischievous Galeb Duhr who had strange powers over the stone and rocks.

Giller Kull
After defeating them the company headed east and south to a portcullis and jungle-like conditions beyond created from the nearby guardian elementals. An undead threat in the form of a corpse orgy was discovered as well as several rot grub swarms that were confronted and ultimately neutralized.

Deciding it was time to return to the realms above, the friends find themselves back in the dead-end slime and fungus room. Bordane is able to call down a stone slab and reveales a black iron stair case that leads up into the darkness. After what seem like hundreds of steps, the Samular Seven emerge in Giller Kull’s Apothecary where Arnivon, Danrly, and Flagg are found praying to the Grim Lord.

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