Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Jealous Heart

Finnegan Blackcross cursed the cold wintery weather as he approached the old familiar tower. He had just returned, yesterday on Higharvestide, stayed one night at the Pampered Travelers and already he’s received a message inviting him to return- return to the tower. Although the masters change, the tower stays the same he thought as he found himself now standing in the shadow of that same tower. Finnegan removed a glove from his hand and pressed his hand to the door. Knowing it would open for him he promptly stepped in and was surprised when he discovered there were servants waiting just inside. Finnegan noted how they were dressed in thick hooded robes so that one could not see their features; they had the smell of rotten fruit about them which put Finnegan on his guard. Without a word of acknowledgement they simultaneously turned and motioned for Finnegan to follow. He checked his sword Riesen-Fluch to make sure it was clear before he entered and followed them into the tower.

Being the last scion of the former noble Blackcross' of Waterdeep, he'd left Waterdeep to seek out fortunes to try and pull his family back up the highborn ladder. Finnegan believed his fate to be in Waterdeep and the restoration of his noble family; a task not to be realized overnight and not without time, careful effort, or assistance. Now, with some recently captured treasure at his disposal Finnegan thought, it was time to stet these assets to task for him. He then realized that even if it was not for the message brining him, Finnegan would have found himself at the tower soon enough.

Walking at a safe distance behind the robed servants, Finnegan admired the four paintings of the tower’s former masters as well as Mardus and Korindell the builders of Blackspire Gap. Finnegan felt heavy pangs of nostalgia as he was at last lead to the familiar conversational room. It was an inviting parlor complete with a heavy dark wooden table were lain a map and several scrolls; several lush couches were illuminated by floating nodes of pale light; and a fire pit in the center that rigorously fought off the outside cold. A woman, more beautiful than Finnegan could have dreamt in seven lifetimes walked in front of the fire pit briefly cutting off the fire’s radiance; Finnegan thought the fire flared out in a red burst as she did. Amazing Finnegan thought; he would fight the gods if she wished. From a couch came a familiar male voice.

“Finn, how happy we are that you have come.” Jarred Mallred said. “When I received word that you returned to Waterdeep, how could I not extend an invitation to my old friend? How long has it been, five- six years?”

“You were not yet master of the tower Sai Mallred” Finnegan said after tearing his gaze from the woman.

“Sai? Please Finn- Jarred, like before…. Okay?” Jarred insisted.

“But things are not like before, are they?” Finnegan’s gaze was pulled back to the woman, who continued to linger just beyond his senses- enough to almost drive him mad.

“No, they are not,” Jarred said with a chuckle. “Many things have changed are many more are in motion, my friend. Please relax and make yourself at home… I believe we can all be of service to each other in unique ways the three of us. Finn this is Lilith.” Jarred motioned to the woman who entered into the light; her terrible beauty a thing beyond worlds or description.

“She has come to me in good faith in pursuit of divine power and has offered to assist me in ending a nuisance that has been a… ‘wand’ in my side for many years.” Jarred gave him a wink at the word wand.

“So how do I fit in?” Finnegan asked.

“Well, you see… I believe you can help her with her pursuits; there is a rival beauty, an Avatar of Sune and Lilith… well, let us just say she possess a jealous heart. As for me… well, I know I can help you realized your goal in restoring the Blackcorss family- something I know you have been trying to do for over five years.”

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