Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another Tale of Three Wands

“After my son is born, should anything happen to me; I would like for you to be his godfather.” Marcus said to the elder Wands. Maskar sat at the head of a massive basalt table where dragon turtle soup steamed, filling the chambers with its sinful aroma. Platters of other foods, decanters of mead and graff sat like chess pieces before the Wands patriarch. Marcus looked to his oldest brother, marveling on how quickly he regained his appetite, but waited for a response.

Over the past few days Maskar has regained new vitality and has resumed many duties that he, up until recently, were unable to perform. The day to day business of the Wands house was back in the Archmage’s control and he wasted no time in catching up on current events of Waterdeep society.

Raine Wands was the house’s chief legal council; Marcus, administrator of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors; and Maskar… he was about elevating house Wands, he was not a father type and Marcus knew it.

“I cannot be concerned with the issue of your unborn right now; our house is in danger and I must prepare a defense. I’ll have you know that in my reduced condition Jarred Mallred of Blackspire Gap has taken the opportunity to maneuver himself to strike at where we are the most weak.” Maskar said with a tone of finality.

“Someone is apt to kill me brother and mayhap soon. I fear for my son if that happens.” Marcus unfettered, looked deeply into his brother’s eyes. “Promise me you will raise the boy as your own. I do not want my prodigy being raised by Thayans.”

 “What about the boy’s godmother?” said a female voice from across the feasthall.  Syndra appeared to walk out of thin air with a look of determination finely chiseled on her statuesque features. “I fear he will lack a proper mother figure if I have anything to say about it.”

Marcus could not help but be surprised; Syndra seldom appeared at these brief meetings of Wands members. Maskar however did not interject, only looked at Marcus as Syndra spoke.

“It is the Thayans you should be concerned with and mayhap not so much the Hosttower. More to the point- the Thayan pantheon: Set, Gargaugth, and Nethys. Azuth’s church did not sanction the use of Thayan gods at your wedding ceremonies. It was a betrayal Marcus, disloyalty to your family and city… to accept a cleric of Nethys and not a clergy man of Mystra or Azuth as master of ceremonies.” Syndra’s eyes burned with scorn as she let the weight of it all settle before continuing.

“I suppose it is not your fault, but I will not tolerate further intrusion from foreign religions upon our city. In fact Marcus,” she paused long enough for him to meet her eyes. “I am going on the offensive.” Syndra looked from Marcus to Maskar. “Starting with Blackspire Gap. I and my tet will send any foreign pantheons, be they Thayan, Cormyrean, or Calashite, back to which they came or destroy them in the process. They will not gain influence nor offer false interpretations of faith in our city temples.”

“For Waterdeep!” They all agreed. 

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