Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Price

Loyalty. Men try to convince themselves it can be bought, both when accepting coin and offering it. Everyone knew the truth though; no amount of coin buys the heart. That moment when someone grabs you inside and you know it. You know from that day forward you’ll walk into the fire of Hades for that person. When it happens, it shakes you to the core. All the little lies you told yourself to get through the days, the small concessions you make with your pride until your youth is stripped away, all lay bare to your now wide open eyes. You fight it at first, assuring yourself you can go back to not caring, to playing it safe but your dreams won’t let you. You’re thoughts are drawn back to that moment that mattered, that someone awoke a passion in you, that made today and tomorrow matter.

Lormo’s loyalty had been purchased at first by Baerom Thunderstaff. Before either Damian or Bordane were born Lormo was originally hired by the nobleman to be Agatha Agundar’s personal valet and bodyguard. After Damian was born Lormo’s responsibilities shifted to Agatha’s young child and the younger brother that followed. Despite Lormo’s knowledge of Agatha’s affair it was not until the day the young Agundar nobles returned from their imprisonment and torture at the hands of the cult of the dragon that Lormo realized the truth of their parentage. Damian and Bordane could have been the children of Mephistopheles and it would not have mattered to Lormo, for his heart and loyalty was clearly with the Agundar brothers. He had seen them raised and truth be told had spent more time with them than any version of their parents ever had. Where their Agundar father gave Lormo scorn and menial labor, the two sons gave him adventure and responsibility. Damian has gone so far as to suggest a path to nobility for his cohort while giving him an elite position of leadership within the Agundar household. After the signs and visions of the last few weeks Lormo was sure that his life had been fated all along to be the guardian of newly born gods and the first follower of the first born. All was in preparation for the year and a day that the voice from above Waterdeep had spoken of.

Lormo is a 5th Level Ranger, 2nd Level Rogue

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